Nothing Happened 12.12.12

Of course nothing happened, nothing is predicted to happen until 21.12.12.

Will the world end? No I don’t think so, we’re destroying the Earth but have not yet got to the point to totally ending her.

Will something happen? Perhaps.

There are people who believe some will ‘ascend.’

The world and everything in it emits energy or vibrations. And these are very real. The date and times predicted, point to a specific time when the Earth’s vibrations will have lowered to a very thin point. Think of it as a rubber band being pulled and pulled and pulled. It will have a weak and thin point somewhere. Some think lowered enough for some to ascend and break through into a higher dimension.

Currently we live in the 3rd dimension and spend about a third of our lives in the 4th dimension. This is where we are when we dream.

The date does not point to the end of the world, what it points to is an end to a 26,000 year cycle.

We wonder at how the Egyptians and Mayans and other ancient civilisations created such amazing things considering we think that they are such ‘primitive’ people. They did not have the advanced technologies we have now and yet their work is far more impressive than our own. They were highly intelligent and in tune people.

Maybe because they existed on a different frequency?

They were capable of different things because they were not bound to limits as we are?

Perhaps that is why these people left no trace of themselves on this physical plain of Earth we exist in?

There are people who claim to be in tune with spirits or ghosts and those who are able to read minds, predict the future or even have telekinetic abilities….perhaps these people are in tune with other frequencies too?

They can focus in on other plains of living?

Those who believe that this ‘shift in thinking’ will occur are preparing, most think that the only way to penetrate our current wave length is via ‘raising their vibrations’ mostly through meditation, chakra work and through generally sending out positive vibes. They think they can then move up and into the next dimension which is why we dream in the first place, to get us familiar with an entire lifestyle in that dimension.

Some will ascend naturally, others will not at all. It is meant to be a gradual shift for all mankind into a new way of being.

A positive way. (Which personally I support!)

They think that once ascended the portion of our brain which currently lay dormant will become a buzz with activity, our DNA which is only partially active will become fully activated, they think that in this new dimension time and space will have no meaning.

It will be a place where things that can be dreamt of can become a reality. It is a place where we realise our capabilities and are not fearful of them. A place where our limitless pit of love and kindness and generosity toward others will be realised.

Personally, if anything happens on the 21.12.12 I wouldn’t mind any of the preceding were to occur, so I’m planning on raising my positive, loving vibes further and if nothing happens well shucks….

I almost thought I lived there already.

Take care.

Happy ascending.

One thought on “Nothing Happened 12.12.12

  1. Things are happening . Your eyes were covered with cotton wool. The fact is that people who control the media let one slip. Jimmy Saville the man who procured children for the blue blood’s was outed. The satanist’s are being exsposed, and we are all waiting for some silly event to happen. Think more of the suffering of the children of this world , not some nonsense that these people plant in you’r head to distract you from the horrors of what they are doing. War , sex and physical abuse, poverty. The things that are being put upon people who would love to have nothing more interesting to think about . Yes the 21/12/2012 , this might be the day I don’t get abused.

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