Chapman, Pepper & Blue-Ginger

I just wanted to share the stories of the 3 new personalities in our home.

Pepper and Blue-Ginger are two brothers from a little of nine kittens which had been left in a beer box on the side of a highway. A woman driving past with her daughter noticed it moving and pulled over. She immediately took the very young, motherless kittens to the pet hospital where only 3 -the cutest with most chance- were selected to be hand raised and re-homed should they survive.

These two little boys where left after their sister had been adopted and sat in a small enclosure for 2 weeks before we came to visit them.

They were playful and funny and Buddy and Molly were in love right away.


I couldn’t choose which one was more deserving of a home so we left. Well that is how I felt. I didn’t want to leave one just sitting there crying for its brother.

The next day we returned and gave both a home.


Now I know they’ll never be left alone.

Almost a week later I heard about Chapman. An almost 5-year-old male cat who was also rescued as a kitten and nursed back to health by the volunteers at Happy Paws Haven ,a no kill organisation who rescues and cares for, and then helps re-home cats and dogs.

He’d been living there since being rescued back in 2009. He’d never ever had a family. His personality is so gentle and caring, not pushy but a little shy. The past couple of nights I’ve crept around the house with him trying to get him comfortable and familiar with his new home.

He’s adjusting nicely and I can see him warming up towards us all.


I spent close to 2 hours at the animal shelter. It is a little overwhelming to see so many cats, most with wonderful personalities and then to be able to choose only one?

They all deserve homes just as much as each other.

There was Karli a beautiful pale orange boy, short-haired and sleek with one missing eye. It didn’t bother him at all ,it kind of made him more awesome, like a cat pirate. He loved a pat on his terms but once he wanted you to leave him alone, he would smack you on the hand with his paw and face away. Attitude. Awesome cat pirate attitude.

Then there was Genevieve, she was short and fat and round, white and orange tabby. She totally reminded me of a little chubby grandmother. She swirled back and forth around my legs, not in an annoying way but in a loving way, she seemed to be smiling a sweet knowing smile. I could imagine her just climbing up on someones lap at the end of the day, looking up at them as if to say ‘now tell me all your troubles dear….’

And then Tiger, amazing green eyes. A grey and black tabby, he was lithe and agile. He was the only cat to have ever escaped from the cat house. No one knows how, he just did. Just wanted to frolic and pounce around being free.

I can relate Tiger.

Oh so many. So many that I liked, so many that would have fitted in with our odd assortment of beings here at home.

But only one.

I decided to go with Chapman even though there were many that I liked, because he wasn’t in my face, he was quiet and placid. He was one of lots of ordinary, plain black cats.


His pale green eyes kind of looked into mine as if he was saying ‘Its ok, you choose one of the cuter cats. I understand.’ I chose him because he’d been there so long, I thought it would be nice to allow him a real family, with lots of love and attention and laughter.

Genevieve, Karli and Tiger will all find homes some day and hopefully all the other nameless cats and kittens in the shelter will too.

One person could never ever save or help them all, but even giving one life a little hope is better than none at all.

This christmas if you’re looking for a pet, check out your local animal shelters first. They are all in need of homes and sadly many cats, kittens and dogs are put down each and every day. They may not be the cutest, fluffiest or fanciest of pets but they have stories to tell and lots of personality.


A pet isn’t an accessory its a family member.

Merry month of christmas!

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