Happy New Year

Bella, Sophie, Violet, Molly, Buddy and I had a dinner party on the last night of 2012. Basically because I have no babysitters to watch my kids for New Years Eve, nor do I have any friends to celebrate it with.


No that’s not true.

Well the no babysitter/no friends bit is but the dinner party FOR New Year’s Eve was actually a little bit of a coincidence.


After all our family left, and after dropping Glen off to head back to work I had a tonne of cleaning to do and some old bananas which needed to be used, so I had planned a big cleanup and emergency baking.


I decided I’d try out my new chocolate mousse recipe too.


I’d picked up some super cheap christmas lights while in Big W laybying Sophie’s 6th birthday presents (2 sleeps!!!) the other day and had been wanting to hang them up all pretty.

I got distracted while waiting for my pumpkin to boil for a pumpkin pie and began hanging them. I was too short for an ordinary rickety chair affair so I dragged our large and rather solid dining table back and forth across our deck to reach the roof where I put temporary clear hooks.


From those hooks I tied fishing line and from the fishing line I attached some decorative sticks. (Decorative sticks? Really, stupidest thing ever. I bought them prior to moving to the bush, from now on, when in need of decorative sticks I shall forage for my own and simply spray paint them!)


But anywho….I hung them horizontally from our roof…3 in all and drapped our lights across them. I then got a little fancy and recycled our silver christmas beads which were snapped in a few places at awkward lengths and hung them too and then used the left over for a weird sort of dangling feature.


Once our roof was prettified I kind of felt like we needed to have an occasion to justify it. I was already cooking pumpkin pie and something containing bananas and the mousse was about to be started so a dinner party seemed right.

Plus the house was already a mess!


“Why can’t I throw a dinner party for my own children?” I asked myself.


While I cooked the girls set out to decorate the table, I think they picked every last flower on the property and spent forever arranging and arguing of the placement of said flowers. I then made matters worse when I asked if they’re like to use the pretty smelling candles Nanny Gwenda had given me for christmas.


Finally they were happy and finally I’d finished cooking…..



In an attempt to feel like a responsible parent by serving some kind of meal food and not only dessert for my kids dinner I grabbed a few sheets of pre-made puff pastry from the freezer and some chorizo sausages. I cut the sheets into quarters and rolled them up like sausage rolls, sprinkling a little cheese over the top. I then used a round Tupperware lid to cut 5 circles into another 2 sheets. I spread a tablespoon of tomato salsa onto each leaving about a centimetre around the edges bare, I sprinkled cheese and diced ham over these.

While they baked we got all dressed up fancy.


The girls all requested make-up, gold eye shadow and my only lipstick which happens to be a bright shade of red. I attempted the smokey eye look, which yes…looked smokey, I also looked bashed. I now have a towel that needs washing, which I used to erase my fake domestic violence look.


Think I’ll stick with my ‘natural’ look.

So once dinner was done we all sat beneath our christmas lights and ate by candle light, which in the evening of day light savings was not really necessary.


We picked lightly on our mini pizzas and sausage rolls then hit dessert hard. We’d made mini berry cheesecakes, the chocolate mousse I’d wanted to try, I kept the pumpkin pies for another night and sadly my bananas are still sitting on my ‘use me asap’ plate.


We stripped our wonderful outfits and dived into the pool for a swim.


After our swim and a big spa bath we watched a little sponge bob then snuggled into our beds on the deck. The plan was to wake up in the cool morning air, a beautiful refreshing start to the New Year ahead I thought.




Bella began asking if someone would come ‘steal us while we slept outside.’ Despite my reassurances of “They’d bring you back by morning for sure”s and “I never lock the house anyway”s she was oddly not convinced.


Around 10pm I was dragging mattresses and blankets and pillows back to their empty bed frames.


I think I may have been awake at midnight whilst Molly kicked me in the face as she tried to get comfy in my bed.


I’ve never been all that interested in the idea of New Year’s Eve. It is just another day to me, I don’t like hearing people say things like “this was a hard year for me, the new year is MY year.’

My friend….there is no year for you, your time is now. I don’t like hearing new year’s resolutions only to have people saddened by the fact that once again they hadn’t woken magically to find they’d dropped 10 kilos, or that they haven’t found the love of their life.

Like all things, change takes guts and it takes work and it doesn’t have a date, or time of month associated with it. It will happen mid year, or tomorrow, in 10 years or today…it will happen when you make it happen.

A new year is nothing more than another year down. It isn’t a new chunk of life that will somehow make itself wonderful for you. Don’t wait 12 months to make life better or to make smarter, wiser choices.

Our lives are not hacked to bits like a scrapbook thing, they are progressive, they keep moving and flowing. We just keep growing. The end of a year isn’t like hitting a brick wall, it’s more like the height of a wave and another is about to flow.

Ebb and flow of life.

Up and down, not start and stop.


My Facebook status from yesterday was….”This year I would like to finish writing my book, be nicer to people, get our veggie garden so awesome I have heaps of fresh food and must share it, have twin boys named Barrie Patch and Mack Billy, eat our own meat chooks at least once a week, I also did a new years game which claims I’ll wrestle naked every Friday…kind of fun to incorporate that too I guess, spend WAY more time with those special friends I love who are currently only ‘fb friends’ hang out with my family more, teach my kids how to ‘help out around the house’ work harder on my Eco Princess brand, learn something fun, begin using smudge sticks and also perhaps take singing lessons. What are you planning for this new you?….”

And yeah I guess you could call it a new years resolution, but I am not going to put a finishing time on it. I’ll let it happen or not, it’s all up to me.

I won’t be down on myself if none of it happens either. It’s my own fault for not trying hard enough or for not wanting it bad enough.


Ahh new year…..time to keep growing into myself.

Have a happy continuation of life!!!

I hope it only gets better.

SONY DSCLots of love from us Yager Blakeways!


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