24 year age gap!?

Noooooooo!!!!!……..Dear Jessica,
I admit I’ve only read your blog a handful of times but have always respected that you remained true to yourself and family thoughout all the negativity thrown at you.
Just went in search of your blog and couldn’t find a sinlge thing!
I did however find a comment on some odd forum about ‘hating Kelle Hampton’ saying that you’d completly deleted your blog.
I am sad that there are so many people who dish out negative feelings and emotions like it means nothing. It should mean nothing to you Jessica, it is a reflection on the giver…not the reciever.
Take care.

***A post declaring my devastation at one mother being totally pushed out of the blogging world by negative souls.***

4 thoughts on “24 year age gap!?

  1. I know so sad…..it was through her that I found you or vice versa I can’t remember. I was sad when I learned she left. My wish for the world is support and tolerance instead of judgement and hostility.


    1. Agreed! No one will ever say the perfect things that will suit everyone. It’s just not possible. Things went so down hill after that post about Kelle….one post! 😦 I hope she reads this one day and feels ok knowing that not everyone disliked her.
      Thanks Amie 🙂

  2. ya Kelle’s readers are very very passionate…..I myself read her blog but judge her in my head lol. I hope she does read yours and learns how other’s feel too….


  3. She still posts at the GOMI site Kelle Hampton/ETST section. Her screen name is Coach Clodhoppers. Although I can’t stomach Hampton I find Jessica equally as narcissistic to be honest. A couple of recent comments by her on GOMI were 1. Jessica actually talking about how she thinks she (herself) isn’t as pretty in photos since she is really quite pretty in real life. My jaw dropped when I read this. What an ego! 2. how perfect her diamond is in her engagment ring and how her mother-in-law used her jeweler to get the perfect diamond for her. Her mother-in-law must be close to 90 since the husband must be close to 60.

    She’s a narcissist just like Hampton and this is probably why she rants on sites like GOMI. Kelle Hampton irritates her because she is a narcissist just like Jessica. Two peas in a pod.

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