Chrissy Swan, I’m on your side.

My computer is still out of action so again another iPod post. I apologies in advance for spelling errors and well ALL manner of errors!

I’m totally disgusted at the way Chrissy Swan has been treated. For those who don’t know who that is well she became a favorite on big brother in Australia, I’m not sure which year and I’m not sure she won. She works on radio and television now and probably other things I’m unaware of. She’s also mum of two and currently pregnant with her 3rd.
A couple of days ago she was “caught” having a cigarette. Something not even her husband was aware she was doing. She tried to buy the photographs.
She came out saying the she knew it was wrong but quitting is hard, she’s addicted and was limiting herself to one sneaky smoke a day.
Ok, ok so we all know smoking is putting our unborn babies health at risk. But the way the media and blatantly rude ‘mums’ have literally attacked this women and disgusting.
They claim the are acting the interest of this unborn baby but yet they are simply lying.
If these people who are attacking Chrissy Swan and her family really care about her unborn child as they claim to then perhaps they should calm down and give we a break. All mums know the emotional roller coaster that is pregnancy, we cry for no reason, we get mad for no reason, we can be up then down in seconds. The best thing for an unborn child is a relaxed happy mother.
Is Chrissy Swan a relaxed happy mother right now? I doubt it.
And that will do her baby far more damage than that one smoke a day.
I can’t imagine how I would feel. She’s already been accused of being a bad mother with claims that her boys are “obese.”
I can’t help but worry for her.
If all these people trying to bring her down the biggest concern is the children of all these horrible people. What are you teaching your child?
Lead by example.
Instead of being understanding, instead of leaving personal choices with the person in question, instead of just listening or perhaps by keeping opinions to themselves…they’re doing nothing that is actually going to help that unborn baby they so strongly believe they are “standing up for.”

I understand that some of the mothers who feel the need to let her know exactly what’s on their minds are women having trouble conceiving, all I can say to that is that no matter what Chrissy Swan or anyone else on the face of the earth does, it can’t change your situation. I would also suggest letting go of all that anger and hate, I doubt it will help your body achieve pregnancy.

There are many reasons I guess why people feel the need to go after her.

Personally I don’t understand it, there are babies born addicted to drugs, there are babies born and sold on black markets, there are even babies born who need supplements at birth because their mums lived off sugar during pregnancy, I personally know women who have drank and smoked very heavily during pregnancy, while I don’t agree with it, I do know that personal choice has consequences.
If we choose to do something against our better judgment then we are the only ones who will be living with the outcomes.

If chrissy swans baby has any kind of permanent damage from her one cigarette a day, then she will live a life of complete guilt and torment.

Does that satisfy your need to bring people down cranky women?

If you really cared you’d back off and allow her the rest, the space and respect that she deserves as a pregnant mum.
You are worse than that smoke right now.

We are always going to do things we know are wrong. We are always going to go against the advice of others. We are always going to do things that we probably shouldn’t.
But we also need to realize that is what it means to be human.
We need to realize that one persons choice is nothing to do with us.
We need to realize that sometimes we are doing more bad than good.
And sometimes we need to get over ourselves and just let others be. (myself included in this lecture.)

We all deep down want to do what’s right and it can be hard.

How about we try some homework now that I’ve lectured?

When your angry about something just wait. Give it a moment and respond out of love not hate.
It’s amazing the difference to the situation love can bring. We’re all capable of it. Just love people, stop finding people to hate.
It’s ugly and it’s mean and it shows.

Chrissy swan, people will get over this situation much quicker than you will, just remember that. Good luck and take care and I hope you and your baby can find some peace at the amazing time in your life.

Don’t let them get you.

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