Facebook freedom.

First of all let me just say that my ‘f’ key is a little stiff so if there are ‘f’s missing you’ll know why. A massive pain in the bum when the very title of this post is ‘Facebook Freedom.’ I’m sure more than once I’ll have written ‘acebook reedom’ before this post is done.

Stiff ‘f’s soooo annoying.

So I quit Facebook. And I mean forever. I deactivated my account with no intentions of ever returning. And I won’t. I must admit some aspects o that decision were harder to deal with than others.

I had over 12 thousand photos posted. Births, our wedding, my babies growing up before my very eyes…(they’re all on SD cards somewhere, I consoled mysel with that knowledge, I just know they aren’t in neat handy albums.)

All the babies and weddings I’ll miss.

I had riends asking if perhaps I could just create some alias Facebook page and only add them and certain other friends, and that was a little tempting. There are some very interesting people with interesting lives that I would have loved to continue to spy upon.

But alas…no.

I kinda felt it defeated the purpose of ridding myself from the world of Facebook.

I’m not sure if it has come across yet or not but I am a paranoid type of person. Or maybe I should just call myself a conspiracy theorist.

Along with my plans to move to Fiji to avoid the impending chinese invasion of Australia within the next 5 years and my thoughts of Apple and Dyson devising weapons technology for the government, Facebook, in my ‘multi faceted perspective-icle vision’ of things is one of the biggest and scariest places of paranoid activity ever.

(Did any shred of that make sense?)

Facebook is the perfect place to spy on the ‘masses.’

Ok, so things freak my out occasionally, especially on those occasions when I’ve had not a lot of stimulation, those occasions where I haven’t been able to keep my mind busy enough on random other things. I think far too much, and then I decide to research a little, and then more and then BAM! Before I know it I’ve convinced myself of another conspiracy.

Usually involving ‘baddies’ taking away my very idealistic ideas of life. Taking away my rights to my own values and morals.

But really, no one is blind to what Facebook is doing or has done.

It began as a way of ‘stalking’ without actually using the word, of those we thought were intriguing or cool or sexy or unliked. And then it grew into a successful little tool to create circles of like-minded people who knew each other, to then bigger circles of people who kind of knew each other, to then circles of people who had said hello to each other 6 years ago, to then circles of friends of friends we don’t actually know except when referenced by those who vaguely know, or perhaps had said hello to 6 years ago…and now?….

To some place where randoms from all over the world know when each of our bodily functions occur.

A place where physical harm can be done indirectly.

I joined Facebook in 2009 and it was perfect timing for me. We’d just relocated interstate and I could post photos and write status’ about what my kids and I were up to so my family could be ‘with’ us all the time.

But I didn’t have just family. I had riends. I had randoms and also those friends of friends I mentioned. I had people I hadn’t spoken to for 10 or more years. I had people I’d chatted to once or twice add me, and you can’t be rude and decline a friend request when trying to make a good impression.  I realised that everything I shared with my family I was sharing with everyone.

Not everyone cared.

Not everyone was interested.

And some only liked the gossip they gained.

We moved home.

And still I was sharing our intimate details. Just so we could all feel ‘together.’

Only we were together, Facebook became an excellent excuse NOT to catch up, we already knew what each other was doing and up to. We didn’t ‘miss’ each other because we could view each others page any moment of any day we liked.

It separates people.

Not connects.

Especially people like me who actually avoid ‘connecting.’

It also scares me that almost every business is on Facebook. You can shop on Facebook, join groups and clubs on Facebook, you can search for anything you want on Facebook.

All without anykind of physical human interaction at all.

Facebook is becoming an entire world in its own right.

It’s like walking around a community, only you don’t walk, you sit and stroll with your fingers and eyes. Creepy when you think about it. There’s no eye contact, I mean at least in the ‘real’ world if someones ‘checking you out’ you know about it.

A world where everyone knows everything. Your friends, your enemies, people who have secret crushes on you, people who secretly don’t like you. People who feed off your life for entertainment.

I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I had to leave. Before I totally became immobile, sitting behind a screen ‘living’ in Facebook world and not this real one.

It’s kinda funny how the ‘real’ world seems so much quieter. Far more peaceful than I remember. Maybe it’s because everyone’s inside interacting on Facebook. I do feel a little like an ousider now.

It’s odd how those who begged for me not to leave Facebook are now non-existent in my actual life. And I don’t mean that in a bad way I mean it as in Facebook gives us such easy access to other’s lives.


I wonder how far Facebook will go, how deep it will root itself into our very core.

They created it that way and it’s so hard to break free.

It does feel good though.

Sort of like being re-born. I’ve cut the umbilical cord and once again I’m an individual no longer competing with ‘friends’ over who has the best life.

I’m free of you Facebook.

I’m done.

2 thoughts on “Facebook freedom.

  1. I agree with you about fb. I have deactivated my account many times. Then I reactivate b/c my curiosity will get the best of me. I agree that it’s very creepy and I’m amazed at how much info people will put out there. I always think, “would I sit down and show this person a family photo album?” Then why the heck would I post pics of my kids for them to peruse? It makes me uncomfortable and I honestly am planning to deactivate for good, but I recall reading that there is a certain something that you need to do to actually delete all of your info and photos before deactivating or else the powers that be still have access to it. So I need to take care of that first. It’s such a time-sucker and comparison machine – who has more friends, who gets more comments (ashamedly, I was upset when I only got 4 happy birthday comments. 4?!! What kind of “friends” are you?!) My husband reminds me that good thing our worth isn’t based on stupid facebook. I’m going to google that process now. You’ve given me the boost!

    1. 😀 Perhaps I should have looked for those things first too. But then again I feel a little torn. I mean I post plenty of personal stuff about myself and my kids and life in general onto this blog. But it’s not as ‘in the moment’ as facebook…(plus people have to go out of their way to find it.)
      If I didn’t have this blog no one would know the ‘real’ me because I just never talk about myself in a personal way. I find it really hard to ‘open up’ to anyone, even my closest family and friends. Facebook started giving away too much of me. I still get curious about what people are up to, but not enough to get back on. It’s a little lonely this non-facebook world. Everythings there now.
      But anywho, I shall find other things to do 😀

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