To write or not to write.

Hi there, I tried in my last post to write about what I’ve been doing and why I won’t be here all the much for a little while only WordPress wouldn’t let me.

I finished writing my first novel!!! Yes here is where I scream!!!! (………………………!!!)

I never thought I’d finish something so massive but I did. Almost 85 thousand words later I have a fiction book. It’s not yet perfect, exactly the way I want it but it is down. And really I’ll probably only alter some of my punctuation. And I know that no matter what I’ll always be fussy over it.

Because I never realized how crappy I actually was at writing until I had the help from Mr Microsoft word.

Holy moly…grammar…I still don’t even know what that is exactly and to be honest, I can’t even be bothered to google a definition. But it has something to do with my excessive and incorrect use of punctuation. I am getting better however. I write the way I speak, if I take a moment I add a comma, if I take a breath I use a full stop. And thanks to those wavy greens lines that kept appearing making me stop to look at what I’d done wrong, and finally disappearing once I’d corrected myself, I kinda now think I know what I’m meant to do.


I like this blog because there are no green wavy lines and no red wavy ones indicating I’ve spelt something wrong which I don’t like. I despise horrible spelling and yet I can’t spell many things, so I should be thankful for spell check. I can also get away with using words like ‘kinda’ and ‘sorta’ here which in my book I was not allowed.

I was kinda ok with that, knowing that I should come across as slightly professional and an itsy bit intelligent if I wanted to be taken seriously.

And I do.

I really, really do!

So my book is fiction and I can’t say more because I really think I have something original and worth reading. I have read all my life and written too. And I am not fussy about what I read. I’ve read everything from shampoo bottles to Bryce Courtney. Stephanie Myer to Heart songs written by the little boy, Matty, who has now passed away from a condition picked up at birth.

I like thriller and biographies, I like murder mysteries to How-tos…anything written. I doubt I’ve read any of ‘the greats’ because I think the fact that tiny black symbols can be pressed down onto white sheets to SHOW us something is amazing and…therefore all, to me…is GREAT!

I hope that’s what I’ve done with my book. Created magical, mystical scences…descriptive and original. I pray that my characters are easily related to and understood. I hope that people fall in love with them and this whole new world I’ve tried to capture.

I actually began the story 7 years ago. I was bored one night and sat to write, I descriptively described the life of this woman and her emotions. It was good but it was done. I couldn’t think of where it was going. Purely because I felt that someday I could add to it, I kept it.

Amazingly somehow those 6 lone and unsecured pages survived. 3 house moves, my destructive packing methods and the addition of four extra inquisitive children. I stumbled upon them a few weeks back while looking for some other random thing among many other random things and read it. Suddenly, magically, the rest of the story sort of appeared in my mind.

I began working that very day.

Anyway..before I get too super excited, I must try to meet all these complicated guidelines set before me from the many publishing houses I plan to submit my manuscript and then I only have to wait between one and nine months! Painful or what?!

I am trying to remain calm and not to be too excited about it. I mean I’ve never ever written anything like this before, never ever have I run through the complex mazes that are publishing houses. I keep telling myself that many great authors have been rejected more than once before suddenly being discovered…..(and also that many crap authors have realized they are crap after being rejected numerous times…)

Who knows which one I’ll be?!

Only time will tell.

In the mean time however, I spose I can begin on the second and third books!

At least if nothing else, I can say that I have completed one of my new years resolutions…(WRITE A BOOK/FINISH WRITING A BOOK) And…that someday I can hand to my children a massive wad of pages for them to read one day.


xoxox I shall be around, but I really want to do this for myself so I’m trying my hardest to avoid tv, radio, phones, books…and sadly this blog. I’m keeping my mind open and focused 😀

Trying for once in my life not to get distracted!

I hope you’ve all been great and take care! (I’m off to rescue Glen. Looking out my window it looks as though he’s attempting to cut down a massive dead tree. With an axe. What the?!)

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