Time of my Life

I spent Wednesday night with my sister and Lil in Coffs Harbour.

Just me.

Not just me and kid/s.

Not me and Glen.

Just ME!

I haven’t had a night alone since my high school reunion back in June last year!!!

It felt good (and slightly scary.)

I’ve been getting pretty on edge of late, I feel like I have so much to do and so little time in one day to do it all. Book writting, jewellery making, kid’s crochet blanket’s, this blog, Violet’s birthday organising, photo editing, and that’s all to be done after ordinary family of 7 hours!

Glen working away for 9 days I feel a bit like a toddlers punching bag and then when Glen’s home for his 5 nights I feel like I’ve got a tourist on holiday from pakistan visiting. He’s all happy and excited, telling me about things from a foriegn land that I can’t grasp and I’m all worn out and grumpy and there is kind of a clash of two worlds coming together.

So I was like ‘Nope!” My turn for a break.

And secretly. Okay I lied. Not even secretly I hoped Glen suffered. Just a tad.

I got up Wednesday morning and packed a few clothes. It took me not even five minutes, which made me feel very out-of-place and disoriented. Going places never takes me so little time ever. I totally felt like I was forgetting something, like five small people’s worth of somthings. Then I got the kids ready for school and said good-bye to Molly and Buddy and Glen.

By 8am I was out of the house with the three school bound kiddies. By 8.20am I was child free and heading toward coffee for the trip to my sister’s place.

I had left 2 pages of instructions for Glen which I pretty much knew he’d throw out; after studying the important times like school pickup and drop off, well I HOPED he would.

I asked Glen what he was going to do on that Wednesday with Molly and Buddy and he replied “cut some wood for the fire-place maybe watch a movie.”

“Perhaps some tidying up?” I kind of mumbled.

“Oh yeah and I will take a look at what needs to be done around the house.” He smiled.

I had my doubts.

I kinda told myself that 6 pulses when I arrived home 24 hours later would be nice. Even if it was the bare minimum of my standards.

Glen had to make sure he arrived at the bus stop at 3.30pm come home and make sure the kids were fed and bathed by 6.30pm, making sure that they read their home readers and were in bed HAPPILY by 7pm.

Being nice and playing games and spending time with them in bewteen would be great.

He then had to wake at 6.30am to make sure each of the kids had a good breakfast, toast and fruit AT LEAST, then to make and pack 4 school lunches.

He had to be out of the house at 8am at the latest to drop the big girls at the bus stop, then drive the 20 minutes to take Molly to preschool. He and Buddy then had a “boys day” (goodness only knows what that means. I assumed it was secret and didn’t ask further.) he had to leave the house again by 2.30pm heading to pick up Molly, once she was picked up he then had to pick up the girls from school, they’d had cross-country so he had to make sure they’d taken big water bottles, hats and sunscreen.

He also had to pick up all their bikes and helmets from their bike day last week.


I drove in a very quiet car for an hour. I totally ruined all of Glen’s preset radio stations trying to find something I could sing along to. Finally I did and then had a sneezing fit. My sinus kind of all blocked up after that and sadly I couldn’t sing (or pretend to sing) for any longer than a few moments before I got puffed out.

Panting as I tried to sing that ‘thrift shop’ song.


I arrived in Coffs and realized that 2 large coffees didn’t do all that much to help me stay awake from my previous sleepless night, what they did do was make me need to pee.

Soooo badly.

So once that was taken care of I headed to spotlight. I told myself to ONLY go to the wool section, to remain in the wool section and to pretend that nothing else existed in spotlight expect the wool section.

I called Nic to let her know I was there and she rocked up with Lilly who was nearly in happy tears to see her aunty. I can say I am proud that I achieve that emotion in my little niece! I picked out my aqua and cream wools for Sophie’s blanket as Violet’s is done (ready in time for her birthday on the 15th which we are having tomorrow so dad can be there.)

We left and headed for lunch, we ate spicy chicken kebabs overlooking the ocean.

We went back to Nic’s funky, beachy apartment for more coffee and non stop pointless chatter and ugly laughing.

We made up a cheese platter and bought a couple of bottles of wine. We drank one glass with our cheese which in itself was a hilarious snack.

As we were searching for our cheese, Nic noticed a cheese we’d never tried before. It was called Red Square (and honestly, if they want to complain about me naming them here then perhaps that shouldn’t have made a cheese that even the least fussiest of foodies cannot stomach.)

But it was an awesome cheese, we nearly wet our pants laughing over that cheese so even though we didn’t eat it, it was totally worth it.

It had a smell that WOULD NOT go away even after we wrapped it in 2 plastic bags. The taste was somewhat similar to dirty smelly socks, that happened to be wet. There was also a distinct rotten onion flavor, which was rounded off nicely with a dead rat essence.

Honestly. Yuck but funny. We filmed us trying it, if I can upload it I’ll post it here, just so you can laugh at our stupidity.


A video just for you stinky cheese.

Anywho…cheese….getting the spotlight.

We got dressed up, I actually wore make-up, even though my eyes reacted badly to it., making me look like I suffered from allergies. We went out for dinner and a glass of red wine. We danced with Lilly as we laughed our heads off, yet again at her wonderfully creative dance moves to a really good acoustic guitarist.

Finally we got tired and headed back to Nicole’s. I checked the time thinking how great it was to be out so late and almost child-free.

It was 7.20pm

Wow, I suck.

We weren’t even tough enough to finish the bottle we’d opened earlier let alone the second bottle of wine. We stuck to hot tea and talking funny rubbish until almost midnight.

We slept. I went to bed thinking how nice it would be to wake at 10am. How nice it would be not to have someone come and body slam me, smacking me out of my peaceful oblivion.

6.32am my eyes opened.

I tried to lay there and pretend I was asleep thinking that my meager 7 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours would surely win out over my buzzing mind.

I didn’t have to deal with the breakfast onslaught. I didn’t have to fight the never-ending sock battle. I didn’t have to go on the hunt for a missing shoe.

Nor did I have to wrestle a pile of children into car seats.

Nothing. Nadda. Nil.

And still I couldn’t sleep. I heard Lilly next door.

“Mummy, mum….mummy.”

I peeked around the corner and Lilly was tapping Nic on the forehead. Using her neon painted nails to push her mouth up into a smile.

Prying her eyes open.

“Hey, Lil…shh” I whispered to her and waved her over.

She beamed and jumped out of bed.

“Want a coffee?”

“Yeah.” She whispered back. (she doesn’t drink coffee, she calls hot chocolate, coffee.)

So we sat in the kitchen drinking our coffees and chatting.

Sadly it made me feel good. Apparently as much as I desperately want to turn off the mothering mode and switch into normal person mode it doesn’t happen.

I enjoyed having that time with my beautiful niece.

She’s clever too for a 3-year-old too.

“Aunty, are you hot?” Lilly asked as she sat on the lounge.

” No, I’m not hot Lils” I answered. “Are you?”


“Oh, are you cold?”

“Yes Aunty.” She smirked.

“Want a blankie?”

“Yeah! Good idea Aunty.”

And she’s funny too.

“Here’s your hat Lila, you left it at my place you duffa.” I said handing her back her beanie.

“Oh Aunty I am just sooooo sorry.” She said sincerely.

We finished our early morning hot drinks and got ready to head out into the cool morning for yet another coffee and a big warm raspberry muffin. We sat at the head land over looking the sea to drink and eat.

We spoke of pink baby dolphins who ate naughty fairies. We joined dew drops together to then heal the eaten fairies. Lilly built elephants and cats for us.

She also spent quite some time being a cat.

Finally after finishing our left over cheese platter minus the stinky cheese for lunch, I began to get withdrawals. I called Glen and he told me how Buddy had woken and spent the entire morning crying pacing the house back and forth calling out “Muma!?” in tears.

How when he dropped the girls at the bus stop that they all wanted to know when exactly mum would be home.

How when Molly said goodbye and hugged him that she’d sadly asked for me and wished I was there.


I tried to be strong and hold out. This was meant to be a break for me and I was meant to make it last. It was also meant to be an eye opener to Glen, to just let him have a sneak peek into my life and I wanted it to soak in.


I couldn’t. I left hoping to get home in time to make the school pickup with Glen.

I would have made it to but there was a minor accident on the highway that held me up. So I waited at home for them to arrive back from school. I was so impatient. I made them afternoon tea, I tidied their rooms quickly.

I checked out all the effort Glen had gone to, he’d stacked the fire-place ready to go, he’d put a lamb roast in the oven and had all the veggies ready to go in the fridge. He’d made sure there were no dishes for me to wash the moment I walked in. He’d even gotten Buddy’s milk ready for bed time.

I was so looking forward to seeing my little family. I sat impatiently at the dining table staring out the window like a weirdo waiting or the car to drive down the driveway.

FINALLY….I saw it coming. I went out and was greeted like a celeb.

Aw, they missed me. I missed them.

And I totally feel good for having a break. I needed it. Badly.

Glen has been completely awesome since I got home too. He’s not standing in the background watching the circus going on around him, he has totally jumped right in and started getting his hands dirty.


I think I’m going to get away at least once a month for that one night of peace.

I haven’t told Glen yet 😉

Thanks to my sis for the great time, thanks to Glen for doing such a great job.

And thank you to my beautiful children for just being in my life.


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