Where have all the good people gone?

You know, I’ve been told more than once that my views and morals are weird or strange or odd. And from that I sometimes try to hold my tongue or not to express what I think because of those opinions of me.

But occasionally I wonder if perhaps my views are not strange and that they are just brutally clear.

But this ‘view’ I will not hide and I seriously do not care about the backlash that may -probably will- occur from my thoughts.

I think humanity is screwed up.

I was near to tears when I heard about the deaths of 8-year-old Martin Richard(whose 6-year-old sister also lost a leg and mother has serious brain injuries), 29-year-old Krystal Campbell, and also a university student from China (who mind you is reported to be male in some cases and female in others…and as of yet I haven’t heard the name of?!?!? I wonder why this person is less important somehow?)

These people were killed in the Boston bombs last Monday.

It was devastating. So many people, close to 200 were also injured with many having limbs amputated.

No one can deny that this was horrific and pointless. It was a terrible act of criminals and should never have happened.

But it is what happened next that upsets me more.

The men were hunted, found, one killed and the other currently awaiting to be questioned after being seriously injured.

And still this is ok.

But I turned the television off when I saw young people and parents in the streets with their toddlers on their shoulders, cheering and applauding. Their little kids clapping and cheering too.

I feel like an idiot of ever trying to teach my children right from wrong, I feel stupid for ever telling my kids that it is not okay to hit someone -because after all if someone kills you, it’s okay to kill them back. Surely a little slap is alright?-

I feel like a total loser for wanting them to understand that every person is equal and should be respected.

I feel like every single thing we are told by the government, by society and even by our parents is all a lie.

Because after all the entire world works on a tit for tat basis.

afterall revenge is clearly okay.

Afterall as ‘just’ and as ‘right’ as we are, the police who will be questioning the remaining bomber who is only 19-years-old are highly considering NOT reading him his rights.

Is this leaving the door open for torture tactics I wonder? I mean if the kid doesn’t want to speak…the kid won’t speak…regardless of what is ‘read’ to him or not.

I don’t at all think that he should not be punished, what he did and what he was a part of ,in destroying lives and even ending some was nightmarish, but it is believed he was following his 28-year-old brothers orders and who knows where or who or what influenced his brother to plan something as horrible as this.

This kid has been left on his own, his brother now dead to face a world of hate. He certainly will suffer the consequences of his actions.

But what of our actions?

Is there not some religious group, country, extremists who will be watching on at the way entire nations are cheering and celebrating the death of one of their own?

What will they do about it?

I mean haven’t we reacted in the past to the totally disgusting, inapropriate celebrations in the streets over soliders being murdered? Assuming that these guys were just pawns in something bigger….won’t there were hatred and anger boiling away there somewhere????

Shall we just continue to hunt down every and all criminals like animals?

I mean are we really the ones in the right? Surely the people who commit these horrible crimes against humanity think that they too are right?

So who really is right? Of course we are lead to believe it is us…because how could we be the baddies?

And those individuals who plan terrorist acts think they are the goodies too…

So really it comes down to where we are born and who we are raised by to determine which side of ‘good’ we think we are on.

Unless of course you believe that people are born simply to be evil.

And I know for a fact that not one woman on the face of the earth could look down upon her newborn and tell you that was true.


These are the things that define our idea of good and bad, of right and wrong.

And partying in the streets with our children, teaching them it is GOOD that these men are captured and one is dead….

Wow…seriously I can’t be the only person on the face of the Earth who is sickened by the lessons we are instilling in our children.

I am not at all saying that nothing should have been done, but I think it was done wrong.

How come these two guys were found and caught so quickly…while there are serial rapists out there?

While there are murderers wandering the streets?


What the hell?!

(Please don’t mention costs, because money is not something I’d consider in the safety of people. It is plastic and metal…it is a mere motivator to get lazy people to do what they should be anyway.)

We are all fundamentally wrong. Each one of us. Not just bombers or murderers, all of us.

We ALL think we’re the goodies…when we destroy our earth, we go out of our way to lie, to steal…to destroy friendships and families….

We are ALL so self-centred and have no REAL concept of right and wrong.

Police chase men down the street for littering but can be paid off by big business.

I saw that a 5-year-old girl is in hospital trying to recover from a brutal rape in India…and this is the ONE case that is finally going to slowly begin a process of making changes to women’s rights in India. Prior, it was an everyday occurance that women were taken without permission and as long as it wasn’t happeneing directly to the people who are meant to be protectors then it was almost okay…

Thats how we work. If it’s not happeneing to us, it doesn’t matter. Because the world revolves around us. If it DID happen to us then we’d want every imaginable thing done to prevent it again.

Children starve to death daily and yet we’re throwing away food all the time. It doesn’t matter to us, because we have plenty to eat. Why should it? It’s not our babies we’re watching fade away.

(And I am not leaving myself out any of this.)

I’m just angry and sad and lost….I am ashamed to say I am a person I guess.

I wish we could see.

I wish we knew what to do.

I wish our children had a safe and happy world to grow up in. And I guess the only thing we can do is to make sure the world WE provide them is exactly that.









I don’t know what we can do to change the whole world…but if we can change our babies way of thinking, if we can sway them a little bit away from the judging, away from the competing, away from thinking they need the biggest and bestest THINGS….away from the backstabbing, dog eat dog, everyone for themselves way the world works now a days; then maybe one day our world really will become better.

If we could teach them that being a GOOD person, a kind person, a loving, helpful person is BETTER than a fat bank account, than having a brand new leather lounge…maybe things will change.

If only we could embrace everyone from everywhere and every walk of life as if they were family, as if they were the equals that they are…. then just maybe we can make a real and beautiful change.

One day.





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