Colour us Whimsy

So the holidays are over.

Technically they were over yesterday but I didn’t know that until I passed the school bus on the way to the park for a BIG ‘last day of the holidays’ day.

(What’s an extra day between disorganised mothers and feral children? Opps.)


We had a big holiday considering we didn’t go anywhere.


We rode bikes everyday. Violet had her training wheels taken off, as is my weird rule of “training wheels come off once we turn 5.” It only took 3 days and one major stack which only resulted in a tiny palm scrape and she can ride like a pro.


Glen mowed lots of fun and interesting tracks all over the gently slopping hill out front.


It has now been named ‘Bike Hill’ the girls have spent ages trying each route out and timing themselves to see who is fastest.


We also began our natural playscape. So far I’m so happy with it. Glen create the sand pit and Pop and Glen spent last Saturday putting logs into the holes Glen and I had dug earlier to create a cool stepping thingy.


I’ve also got designs for an awesome natural cubby house, complete with an ivy vine roof. Glen’s working on plans for a swing and I’m hoping to add some big hollow logs for climbing through and also a grassy mound with a slippery dip down one side.

Check out Buddy's peace sign. Super cute!
Check out Buddy’s peace sign. Super cute!

We spent lots of time ‘up the top’ we built mini farms out of sticks and stones and played noughts and crosses.


We got a little serious with our games using small pebbles to mark out permanent games. We all had fun collecting our markers. Sophie preferred yellow wild flowers, Bella liked purple ones. Violet liked big green leaves while Molly used sticks.


I always got stuck with small leaves and Bud kinda just stole everyone elses pieces.


We had championships, the winner went on to play the winner of a separate game. It was so cute and funny when I realised Sophie, Molly and Violet had no idea what ‘championship’ meant.

They’d win a game and yell and clap declaring “I’m the championship!”

We had lots of picnics and lots of exploring.

Sophie lost her second front tooth.

We fixed Molly’s haircut.


We’ve been searching our overgrown veggie garden for strawberries.

I finished Sophie’s crochet blankie and begun Bella’s after she helped me pick out the colours.

We’ve also begun to stock up on firewood.


It’s getting cool!


Also, we’ve been working on a colouring book.


My previous post inspired me to do something creative to help people in some way.


With the ideas and input of my wonderful and weird children I came up with 50 unique designs.


I like colouring in too so I tried to keep adults in mind when I created each picture.


They’re perfect for printing, colouring, framing and hanging on a wall.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu. Over on the right you’ll see some cute logos this little one here.

Click one and you’ll be taken to a page where you can purchase the colouring books.

25% of all profits will go to charities that focus on feeding hungry children and supporting their families in creating sustainable futures.


I plan to focus on one charity per quarter so if you have an charities that you work with or think need extra funds please feel free to let me know.

So in saying that go BUY the colouring book now and get colouring. It’s the perfect way to help children in need while also having fun and spending time with your own.


For now there are 3 versions available.

Colour me Whimsy – 34 images in an ebook. Purchase, download, print and colour $12.50]

Colour me Whimsy Too – 10 images in an ebook. Purchase, download, print and colour $8.99]

Colour me Whimsy Gift – 5 images in an ebook. Purchase, download, print and colour FREE]

Colour me Whimsy Original – 50 images in a hard copy. $16.99 COMING SOON.

Please share and direct people toward my colour me whimsy colouring books.

25% to charity!

Come on peoples!

I want to make some tiny difference. You can too. Lets do it together.


So my eyes are falling out of my head. So tired. I’ve just finished sewing up a hole in Bella’s uniform, typical of me to leave it to the last night of the holidays. But it is done.


I’m actually looking forward to getting back into a normalish routine with school going back. Time to work on my second novel again which is 3/4 finished. I didn’t want to torture myself over it on the holidays so I took a break.

It’ll be quieter, cleaner and maybe a little more productive around here…

Maybe….I think I need a holiday first!

Night night! xoxo


Don’t forget to go buy a colouring book for your babies and help someone elses in the process.

One thought on “Colour us Whimsy

  1. What lucky kids! They all look like they are having so much fun! They are all so gorgeous! Good luck with the colouring books.

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