Give them the magic.

All mum’s know that there is nothing better than the look of happiness and wonder on their child’s face.





But I ask you why must it only be these times they experience magic and excitement?

Not to mention that each of those occasions also teaches them to expect some kind of ‘thing’ in order to make them feel those feelings, but that’s another story. I am here merely to open eyes to the possibility of MORE wonder, more magic and how freaking easy (and fun) it is.

Buddy had the chance to have his little 2.5 year old dreams come true when we all took a trip to our local fire station with his preschool friends.


He LOVES fire trucks and fire men, he’s just in awe of the whole concept.


So I was one of those shameful gushing mums when he broke away from all his little classmates to stand right there with the fireman as he demonstrated his equipment. So proud and so happy for him I was.


His little face, his stance…the way I could just tell he was looking at the trucks and men as if nothing else in his world mattered in that moment.

He was thunderstruck and I as his mum was over the moon….simply because he was happy.


It got me thinking that this was something I’d like my children to experience more of.

Making a child’s dreams come true is relatively simple.

In their minds, things always appear far more realistic and wonderful, which works perfectly in our favour as parents.

Little things count, simple concepts work.

So I decided for my girls we’d be mermaids.

(okay…now this may also be a tiny bit of my own childhood dream coming true -FINE! I admit it, I wouldn’t mind being an adult mermaid either.-)

Here are my lovely fish. I shall share how afterwards.


Now Molly LOVED this. At the time she was just happy to have her make-up done and get a couple of snaps. The moment she saw the pictures she just about died with happiness. She looked at me with her mouth wide open and said “I’m a mermaid mum!!!”

I am thinking canvas prints are in order.


She made an adorable little mermaid.


Violet as always giggled her way through the pictures.


Besides the tail, this little child is about as close as you could get to a real mermaid. Swims like a fish.


Sophie turned out to be an expert mermaid. Posing and flicking her long, long locks about. She loves the chance for make-up and dress-ups.



My gorgeous scaly baby.


Now I must admit, I think Bella’s mermaid pictures are my favourite. Simply because she can still allow herself to be a child. She’s heading off to high school in a couple of weeks and to be having fun, playing make-belive at 12 years old? To me that’s amazing. I’m happy that she can cling to her childhood and the magic of it just a bit longer.


Plus she made quite a beautiful mermaid!


And you can’t have mermaid babies without a mermaid mother! Don’t ask my about the physical aspects of that idea….I just don’t want to think about it.


Alrighty…how did we get the look?


First of all choose your colours.

Second of all find something suitable for creating scales. I used a thin piece of cardboard (about the size of toast with no crust) that has small holes in it, about the thickness of an ordinary pencil. You could use a piece of paper and using a hole punch put holes in it. I did also see on pinterest that you could use something similar to fish net stocking but I don’t think the scales would be as clearly defined.

But anyway, press the thing with holes in it against the skin of the area you’d like to begin at and using a pale coloured eye shadow brush the colour over it, trying not to move it.

Next peel it back carefully and place in the same area only slightly different and brush with a darker eye shadow to highlight. You can do this again for a third time if you like. I used 3 colours on Violet and it looked good.


Best places I thought were around the brow and temple, a little on the nose, cheek bone and chin. We also did some down our upper arms.

once you have your scales apply some eye shadow and eyeliner in any way you choose. We also used mascara.

We fluffed up our hair.


Put on some amazing earrings and ta da.


Then we took an old torn up lacey curtain (you could literally use anything! An old bed sheet, scrap fabric….ANYTHING…as long as it is big enough to wrap around yours….or your child’s legs and long enough to shape into a tail at the bottom.)

Then we found a pretty spot and played. We stopped to get pictures when we looked most mermaid….

You could do it by your pool, sitting on the edge of your bath tub…OR you could even get dramatic and take pictures next to a dried up puddle or watering can…..let your imagination go nuts. Now that you know how simple it is…go for it!

Why not like Yager Babies on Facebook so you can post your pictures!?


No one is ever too old or too young to be a mermaid for the day!

Get your fish on!


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