Shoes not allowed ~ Anti-shoe movement.

It is no secret that I am anti-shoe.

I honestly believe that shoes cut our connection with the Earth and I honestly believe that being bare footed is essential to a happy life.

I can’t stand to see babies wearing shoes. Especially those who are just learning to walk this world and they can’t even feel it. Their brand new feet are constricted and not bending and learning in the way nature intended.

I know shoes are needed sometimes, but let them learn first!

I personally think forcing a child to learn to walk flat footed and awkwardly in a shoe is the cause of some ankle, back, knee and possibly spine problems later in life. Not to mention all the mental disconnecting that may result.

At least allow a child to learn to walk naturally before distorting that experience and hindering the bodies fluid movements!

I feel my way through life…literally…barefooted means you must tread carefully also with purpose, you cannot be afraid of every step you take.  I feel I am grounded to the Earth and can feel its energy through myself, I haven’t cut the connection so there is a balanced flow.

Some consider being bare-footed to be a form of meditation, when walking in nature you must be fully aware of where your steps fall and when your mind is cleared of almost everything else, breathing becomes regular and slowed. Your mind eases and stress falls away.

Concentrating on your footsteps, your breathing while outside in the fresh air? Best form of meditation I can think of.

Not to mention that the Earth has a natural vibration, we humans are made up of water…up to 70% so. We all know what a little vibration can do to a glass of water. So in my theory for us to be connected to the Earth, as if plugged in and switched on…we hum.

Don’t you always feel good when at the beach? In the bush? Nature my dear, it is US, we have to reconnect with it.

We buzz, we hum.

We therefore spread our own vibrational frequency to others, just by being alive and going about our business.


Good for the mind, body and soul.

Reflexology comes into it too, there are many delicate pressure points on the very soles of our feet that should be connecting with grass(it is an ancient belief in some cultures that walking barefooted on grass helps induce a full night sleep), stone, dirt, mud, sand and water everyday. Not the over heated, moulded “for your comfort’, bacteria infested, constricting thing that is a shoe.

I mean just think if you wore mittens everyday.

You immediately lose connection to all your touch sensations, imagine trying portray love toward your child, husband…through a mitten?! The stroking of an eyebrow, holding hands….and I feel that our toes, the soles of our feet are just as important as the palms of our hands we just haven’t ‘studied’ enough to know it yet.

There are already many studies out there that have been done on the importance of touch in development and none specifically looks at touch being anything to do with ones feet, more so to do with the hands.

The studies show that a child developing without ‘touch,’ experience developmental delay when deprived of sensory stimulation. And sensory stimulation is defined as “sensory stimulation refers to having activities that challenge or make use of the five body senses. The five senses are; taste, smell, touch, listening and sight. Sensory stimulation affect the emotional and social growth of a child.” I took this straight from Google.

In my mind, feet are also used to touch.

They touch MORE than our hands do.

So, what could cutting the connection of our feet to the bare Earth do to a person? A society?

An entire world?

Could it potentially stop us from fully developing an entire awareness of our surroundings and environment?

Think of the globe, the entire world’s population. Who wears shoes? Who does not? Who is polluting the Earth without a care? Who is working the land and protecting it with all their heart?

Wow…shoes versus no shoes….it has made a difference has it not?

It would be very easy for me to state that since the first recorded “shoe” was found in 1938 in Oregon, US which looks to be around 7 to 8 thousand years old, that our care for the environment and disconnection for the damage we are doing it began.

I could also state that as people we have become more and more stressed and depressed as a whole since then too….and technically I wouldn’t be wrong. However early shoes were made of wood and leather (natural things) and only worn for short periods, perhaps during hunting so as speed and agility were not hindered by rocky terrain.

The moment shoes became a status symbol and a fashion trend things went downhill. They began making them from strange materials and in weird ways that bent the foot into painful positions. Just saying it makes me feel restricted. They were used to show that one particular person was ‘better than’ someone else, or that they were wealthier, while those without were seen as poor and beggars.

Okay, I will stop talking about pointless things and give you facts.

Walking barefoot strengthens tendons and muscles and ligaments that are often unused when wearing shoes. Strengthening these leads to less knee, ankle and hip injury. The best part? Being barefoot naturally strengthens your core.

Walking barefoot increases endorphins and is proven to decrease depression and anxiety by 62%.

“Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, which is great for conducting electricity. The earth has a negative ionic charge. Going barefoot grounds our bodies to that charge. Negative Ions have been proven to detoxify, calm, reduce inflammation, synchronise your internal clocks, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms. The best places to get some negative ions through your feet are by the water. Everyone knows how good it feels to be barefoot on the beach – now we know why!” (This paragraph I took from because I want to seriously stress that we’re MEANT to be bare foot for a reason.)

Some ways to adjust your tender feet.

  • Don’t wear shoes indoors.
  • Don’t wear shoes on your lawn at home.
  • ACTUALLY…just don’t wear shoes in or around your home at all. Warning; avoid Lego minefields.
  • Do not wear shoes to the beach.
  • Don’t wear shoes while driving (if I ever crash it will be because I’m wearing shoes! I don’t know how people do it!)
  • Get used to taking your shoes off! If you wear them for work, take them off in your break, let your feet breath and tough the ground naked. Take them off as soon as your home. Take them off when at a friend’s house. Once settled in an appointment, meeting…anywhere you must sit for long periods, take them off, wiggle your toes. It will also keep you focused.
  • Get used to taking them off when you get to the playground, beach, park, garden.

Remember your feet won’t be tender forever. In a kindness toward your child, allow them to build up a toughness while young so they can run free, climbing trees, climbing rocks and exploring their natural world without having to be hindered by wearing shoes.

If your worried about glass and all the other dangerous sharps out there, take them somewhere safe. The reason they have parents is to keep an eye out FOR them, to help them to watch over them to guide them…NOT to restrict them, hinder them, hold them back from being the free wild spirit that they are.

I don’t actually know how people/children don’t get hurt more often from simply wearing shoes! I can’t do anything with them on, I feel as though I cannot grip to where I am standing, I feel unstable and I can’t ‘feel’ where I am.

I guess that is how our babies feel when we try to curb and cover the wonderful gift that nature has given us.

Clumsy. Detached. Awkward. Unnatural.

I prefer………

A connection.

An understanding.

And having something more to love than only what I can touch with my fingertips.


Just think about it.

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