Life in this moment ~ and our animal friend photos.

This is quite a random post I know; I know.

I wanted to write about our lovely furry/scaley/feathery friends but I also wanted to give an update on all our exciting family life goings on too.

So I’m doing both. Why not?

Our baby chooks getting bigger. Snuggling onto their favourite mat (?!)
Our baby chooks getting bigger. Snuggling onto their favourite mat (?!)

School has returned and again it reminds me of just how much my little ones aren’t so little anymore. Bella is in high school and so far she loves it. She likes feeling grown up, packing all her rather large high school books in the evenings and making sure she’s gotten herself ready by 7.35am as this is the time she needs to head off on the 10 minute walk to her bus stop.

Needless to say I stressed myself unnecessarily with logistics of having 5 children in 3 different schools. Bella in high school catching a bus from the end of our road (2kms away…) Violet and Sophie in primary catching another bus from 15 minutes drive away from home and then Molly and Buddy needing to be driven 25 minutes away for preschool on Tuesdays.

I figured it out pretty quick and now regret my pointlessly wasted energy. All that matters is that they reach school on time, in a relatively neat and tidy state and also are picked up.

Which they are.

Our new fishies. Princess Sparkles, Dollar and Spodges.
Our new fishies. Princess Sparkles, Dollar and Spodges.

Everything else is just detail.

Sophie turned 7 in January and had her ears pierced, she was so nervous but was so proud of herself when the beautician announced that she was the ‘first little girl she’d heard laughing during the pain.” (perhaps this is a weird mix of emotions she’s inherited from her mother and aunt. I broke my foot and could do nothing but laugh hysterically. Nic badly hurt her ankle in a moped accident requiring skin grafts and surgery…but as she lay in the gutter with bones hanging out all she could do was laugh! Better than crying in agony I guess!)

Sophie’s now in year 2 and LOVES it, she adores her new teacher which she’d already had quite a good relationship with being a small school and all also from being a part of the small schools, big impact concert last year which her teacher choreographed and led.

I think she’s also enjoying NOT sharing a classroom with her little sis Violet.

Violet has been tending to her ‘fairy gardens’ which have popped up. We’re convinced that they like Violet due to her cuteness and pixie like features and have decided to sprout large patches of purple flowering weeds of different varieties around the place, in her honour (actually pretty cool)we circle them with large branches to make them more garden bed like despite their random placement.

Pepper and Tinker bell living the high life.
Pepper and Tinker bell living the high life.

She’s in grade 1 and is still with her amazingly lovely teach from last year and she too is happy that she has the class and her friends to herself with Sophie in a separate classroom. Her reading has picked up over the holidays, I think she just needed that little bit extra maturity and patience.

Molly Moo is still interesting and now has an imaginary friend. Well she’s had her for roughly a year now, as her speaking has gotten better we’ve all become more intrigued by her stories of her friend and take her more seriously when she talks mentions her. Her name is Strawberry and occasionally I’m almost convinced she is real, or maybe a past life Molly herself has had. Molly’s imagination is so vivid and descriptive, she talks about Strawberry as if she has sat back and watched this other individuals life from beginning to end as if it were a movie. She can intimately describe different times in Strawberry’s life. It’s actually pretty cool.

Molly lost her first tooth, which annoyed the heck out of Violet who was yet to lose her first. Molly had been telling me she had a wobbly tooth for a couple of weeks but as Violet hadn’t lost any at the age of 5.5 and Molly only recently turning 4 in Sept last year I figured she was kidding. She often sees something on telly like someone with a broken leg and then hops around saying hers is broke too.

I thought it was one of those cases. Until one night she said “Wobble it mum.” I did and was like “oh my god, you weren’t joking.”

It was hanging on by a string!

She asked me to pull it out.

King blue
King blue

So I did.

She was so overwhelmed and happy, giggling and rambling about the tooth fairy. I was so happy for her and proud too. I told her she should have a look in the mirror, as I mentioned this she beamed a smile….which allowed me to see her new gap AND her mouth full of blood.

I quickly decided her happiness would turn to horror if she saw it so Glen and I distracted her, instead deciding to hurry to bed so the tooth fairy would come.

We put her tooth in a glass of water by her bed.

Bella snapping some pictures of Pooki, our budgie....adopted from my sister Nicole.
Bella snapping some pictures of Pooki, our budgie….adopted from my sister Nicole.

As I said Violet wasn’t happy the tooth fairy visited Molly before her and two days later Violet came home with an envelope from her teacher, it read –

“Dear tooth fairy, enclosed is Violet’s tooth which she lost in class today. Thank you.”

Violet’s first tooth!

The very next day, Molly lost her second tooth!

The tooth fairy was very busy this past week!!! (and hoping for an early night at some point……)

Buddy, my adorable Buddy Robert…he’s gotten so big and besides the occasional accident is totally toilet trained. No more nappies for this mum. (I feel so old and unwanted.)

My lovely Chapman
My lovely Chapman

He will be 3 in June coming and is far too big and heavy for me to even consider him a baby anymore (but I do…and probably always will) he is speaking so well now even though most of the things he says have been picked up from his sisters. To mention a few….

Damn it!

What the?!

I hate you.

Though he does say some very lovely things which melt my heart like….

Tank you Mama….

I lub you Mama.

Peace out man.

Sweet dreams.

Awwww!! I could squish that kid…..

and I don’t care if I sound like a gushing, biased mother because I am one.

He’s just perfect (despite his tantrums and naughtiness.)

King Red
King Red

Glen and I are good too! And decided to make positive changes in our own personal lives to create a stronger, happier life for us all as a family in the long-term.

I have final pin pointed what I would like to do with my life, and thankfully at a convenient time. With Molly in school next year and Buddy beginning in 2017, the timing could not be better. I can almost seamlessly move from stay at home mum, to kids in school mum at work…mum (or whatever they’re called these days.) I have decided to follow my passion, decided to do something I feel naturally inclined to be a part of. Really it is just a continuation of the life I already have in a sense, the furthering of skills and knowledge I am interested in.

This is GrapeSeed, a poor little sugar glider who was tangled in our barbed wire fence.
This is GrapeSeed, a poor little sugar glider who was tangled in our barbed wire fence.

I am going to university to become a midwife.

I begin studying in a week or so.

I am more than excited! I am passionately obsessed.

I have once again quit Facebook and returned inward to create a little quiet, intensely focused bubble….it’s how I get things done. I’ve started reading and researching, I figure a little insider information wouldn’t hurt and I am determined to do this to the best of my humanly capable possibilities!!! (did that even make sense?)

Cheeky Tinker Bell
Cheeky Tinker Bell

Though with it comes massive planning issues for me, like the fact that as of next year I must study on campus, which currently is 2 hours away. So perhaps a relocation is in order. Having to be there 4-5 days a week over 3 years with five children to organise for school which begins promptly at 9 and over at 3…well it will take all my determination, will power, motivation but I am fairly certain I am not the only woman on earth to have managed something similar and I know I can if I really try.

It may be tough but we’re young and adaptable. We will get through this and be better for it.

Anyway…enough about me…

Glen would love to become a policeman one day, he’s mentioned it on more than one occasion, he gets excited about it and finally I said he should “DO IT.”

I guess he married the right person if he was looking for a pushy butt kicker to motivate him.


And I’d be happy to do it. I’d love for him to be happy and doing something in his life that he’s dreamed of.

Glen’s goal has also motivated me further in mine, because he is currently our money-maker, so I MUST obtain my goals so that we can afford him to take the time off in order to do the training needed to reach his.

I guess for the first time in my life I have a 5 year plan.

WE have a plan! (and admittedly, it kinda feels good.)

My beautiful Ginger-Blu
My beautiful Ginger-Blu

I am of the mind that anything is possible with encouragement, determination and enough passion to want something so bad. I’ve never had a support network so I have always had to either push myself or do nothing. I’m actually quite grateful to have no one but myself to blame for either my failings or success.

I do it OR I do not do it.

Simple as that.

I ultimate motivation is death, as morbid as it sounds…it’s true. I feel intense sorrow for those who spend their entire lives in situations they hate. I have seen it too often. I can’t stand people who have no motivation to do something about their circumstances when most things are possible and we are extremely lucky to live in this country.

Not everyone has the opportunities we do.

Take advantage.

Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Yeeeeah. (That sounds like an ad of some sort….I can hear the tune in my head….)

Forget your excuses! (And I am the worst for them.)

I think my main goal in life is to end it knowing I’d done what made me happy and perhaps inspired others to do the same. We’re always saying “life’s to short…blah blah blah.”

But who actually LIVES by it?


I hope that Glen and I can also give our kids some valuable life lessons to. They’ll be right there to see us struggle and succeed, They’ll have a real understanding of what it takes to get to where you want to be, they can join in our progress and I hope that they too, no matter how, where or what they choose to do they; realise that limitations are not real.

They’re just our heads telling us they are.

I hope I can show my children that it doesn’t matter how old you are you can change your path. Life is a changing, moving, progressing thing and it doesn’t have to be done ‘right’ it just has to be done passionately and enthusiastically at every age you ever are.

Life isn’t really a ‘path’ I’ve learnt, but more of a web. We are at the centre and we have 360 degrees of options branching away from us, not just one we must travel with blinders on. It has many strands all of which offer some kind of lesson and it’s totally okay to travel along one thread only to return to your centre, self-asses and chose another instead.

I’ve dabbled and explored, experienced much of what life can offer, been places, done random things, gained stuff and lost stuff, tried things, succeeded and failed and at the end of the day it is what makes me happy that pulls me closer.

Drawing me in toward my ultimate purpose.

And I would like that for Glen and my children too.


We’re still young. We can still change our minds about who we are and what we want to be when we grow up (and so can you, no matter the number of years you have been here.)

So there you have it.

A new path (opps…I should probably use my terms…) a new strand/thread for our family.

I’m excited though I think I mentioned that.

I hope you enjoyed my animals pics….as random as it was.


Take care and be good! (what ever your definition of ‘good’ may be.)


3 thoughts on “Life in this moment ~ and our animal friend photos.

  1. You would make a wonderful midwife Cristie-there’s no doubt you’ve got what it takes to do this-a lot of hard work but what a reward in the end-wish you all the best in this endeavour. Love to you and yours Aunty Lyn xx

    1. Thanks Aunty Lyn!
      I’m so impatient to begin, I just hope this level of motivation lasts 😀 I know it’ll be tough but we’ll all take it one day at a time and give it 110% it will be worth it in the end.
      Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, I really appreciate it.
      xoxoxo Hope you’re all well. take care. Lots of love from me too.

  2. Hi Cristie – have only just read this post. Awesome as usual! Good luck with the Mid Wives course – I also think that you will be great at it! I am so pleased that everything is working out for you, Glen and the kids. I can’t wait to get up there and see you all – will start looking at other dates soon. Take care, lots of love to you all, Gwenda

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