When life gives you lemons…..

It’s been a busy long while and time has flown. I have so much to say and complain about and to be proud of in that time so I should probably just get to it. Where to start?

How about with the complaining, why make everyone wait for that juicy goodness?

So my first complaint is about the government…..I won’t get into the specifics of every single detail of WHAT exactly bugs me or I’d end up writing an entire book!…but only the parts that  apply to me.

I feel like I have wasted the past 14 weeks of my life. Stressed and tired, late nights and palming my kids off onto meaningless tasks so I could study….so that in the end I could go to uni and get some kind of fancy paper which entails my expertise in some thing that despite my lack of skills and hands on experience, meant that I knew something about something….so that I could go and be a contributing member of society earning said government their precious tax dollars……though now….. after the governments proposed changes to uni fees and HECS….I shall not be doing. I had already emotionally wrestled with the fact that I’d have a debt hanging over my head before I’d even begun my career…but I fell for the mantra “invest in yourself” It was a fine line they’d shoved me over and now with all the uncertainty and intentions to increase the interest rate and decrease the income threshold….no thanking you!

So….I have wasted my time. No uni for me and I’m totally okay with it. Though I am curious about the future in which my children will have…. Any who…I did gain a small level of confidence through the credits and High distinctions I got…but what’s the use?….I don’t need a fat head….from being super awesome at writing papers on how  rings in Tibetan trees correlates with the increase in global temperatures due to climate change…..which is going to help me how??? and NOR did I need the kick in the guts from my ‘communicating at university’ tutors stating that my essay writing needs to be ‘firmed’ up, my paragraphs were wrong and my referencing sucked (okay they didn’t say sucked because they are far more refined than that…)

…heck I write…I write what my mind is saying….I find it hard to pick my own thoughts to bare bones and then meaty them up with ‘university’ standard language….I feel I say what I need to in a language that it understandable to the everyday person….I LOVE words and they way you can mix and mingle them to create almost songlike swirls in the mind….so to be told basically that I am bad at it…well it plain hurt my feelings. It’s like being told that your favourite dress the one you’ve had for years and is always a fall back on those days when nothing else works….actually makes your butt look like a barge ad gives your love handles a little extra emphasis…..so crappy to be told it’s terrible. I love to write…allow me this ignorant bliss , let me pretned that I’m kinda (bad choice of word there…) okay at it?!!!

I know there are certain ways of doing things…but then again there are things that kind of go against who WE are…and I’m no uni student. What I learnt about university is that I feel honoured to be a part of a world that was above and beyond ordinary people….as if I was going to be created into a better, superior person because I’d stuck my head into one book of one particular subject and sucked it dry…. I don’t agree. Not one bit. I love to learn, but I don’t feel the need to change the very core of who I am in order to do so. The real world is where the learning is. (Though I must admit I would have liked to have become a midwife or perhaps gained a degree in science…but shhh.)

So no uni for me…..(I could have just said that couldn’t I?) BUT…..I am two weeks away from my Remedial massage therapy certificate 4 and then onto my diploma. So exciting! I’m going to combine my aura reading and kinesiology, my art of breathing and meditation certificates into one bundle of relaxing heavenly bliss for women! I’m going to also take some therapeutic bathing and yoga classes….this is going to be an interesting spot to watch!

Okay second complaint. SCHOOL. Now most of you would know about Bella and her home schooling, but most would not know that I had made the personal choice to home school illegally…ooooh…ahhh…..I know sounds rebelish schooling ‘legally’ is to fill in all the board of studies registration forms, post them off and then have someone from Sydney travel all the way to our house to check all of our work and to check out our house to make sure it was a suitable learning environment. Every three months. All the while pressuring us to return to a school environment.

There is also a second option…which is to fill in all the board of studies EXEMPTION from registration forms, post them off and then have someone from Sydney travel all the way to our house to check all of our work and to check out our house to make sure it was a suitable learning environment. Every three months. All the while pressuring us to return to a school environment. hmm…..Also being a ‘registered’ home schooling parent means that you MUST adhere to the board of studies syllabus….basically the list of things the government wants us to force feed our children in order to turn out the most efficient tax producing machines….(do they really think we are stupid enough to believe that the CARE and LOVE and WANT to nurture our children MORE than we do as parents?)

So really to be a registered home schooler you must be happy to have people in suits and ties coming into your home and telling you what you are or are not doing, telling you that you don’t know your child as well as they do and what they need or want. Can you see my issue here?…..(I could go on all day.)

So what happens if I don’t register? I could get a $120 fine. If I still am not pressured into sending my child back to school within 6 months of that fine…? I could potentially get another $120 fine…. So why am I not giving in? BECAUSE! (should be good enough…but it’s not…I guess) Because, my child deserves better and now after home schooling for a while I know it is the best thing I have ever done for her and being a parent whom often feels guilty I’m NOT doing the best thing I’m going to cling to this like there’s no tomorrow….

I only wish I’d done this sooner for Bella. I am getting increasingly frustrated with the Bella’s ex school as they’re seriously harassing me, I received a letter last week that literally tried to make me feel like I was the worst parent on the face of the Earth and that I have Bella sitting at home watching brain-dead television all day. The fact of the matter is…..my daughter consumed pills and alcohol. If this had occurred in MY home…I’d have the department of community services knocking on my door trying to figure out if my child was in a suitable place!!!

AND YET!……they want to try to force me to put my daughter BACK into that environment?!…. makes no sense to me….. Why is no one investigating if SCHOOL really is the most suitable learning environment for a child???…..Has anyone ever actually done that?….A comparison between school and home school? Probably not…but why would they when clearly the government cares far more for our children then we as parents do…. Okay so I’ll try to get out of this frustrated mood….and ps…I’m not quitting and I am NOT giving in.

I will pay fines, I will cop all their crap….I won’t quit for Bella. She’s important here and that is all that matters. Now that I’ve gone on and on about our home school I might just share what Bella’s been up to.

Our maths has gotten super cool and fun, she’s been planning her café` or salon or market stall each week and now we’re almost running a pretend business! This afternoon she’s doing an afternoon tea café for her sisters and I shall be the big mean government and bank. She’ll only be given $500 dollars to start up her business, with that money she needs to pay (me) some rent money for the ‘cafe’ she also needs to purchase her ingredients from our pantry to make all her food, she needs to pay me if she requires a ‘service’ which would include making drinks or helping with her cooking, she also needs to hire the equipment needed. She’s going to then have to make all of her food/drinks and create a menu with pricing also including at least one percentage discount and a special. She will need to make back her $500 to break even, but we’ve discussed her need to ‘make a profit’ as she’ll need to pay her taxes and work out GST.

She also needs to think about her “family at home and how she’ll pay the bills and buy food.” She is totally loving that her maths involves cooking and the measuring of ingredients and how it’s got a lot of pretend scenarios and role playing…I’m just super impressed with how she’s grasping all this real world math. (Honestly I don’t care if she cannot add x and y……if she can run a small business, personally I think that’s better. Wouldn’t you agree government?) As she progresses we’ll add things like wages and loading and over time….

She’s recently opened an Etsy store too, I give her $5 a fortnight and she collects interesting glass jars or vases from 2nd hand shops, she then covers her costs, adds a mark up and postage and sells her items. All the money she makes goes to Oxfam. She’s carefully chosen where she wants her raised money to go too….she’s chosen a women’s shelter in Sri Lanka, water wells and colouring books/pencils for villages and children in Cambodia, seeds and chickens for families in South Africa. SONY DSC Science we totally love, it means doing things…interesting things! SONY DSC We’re doing heaps of nature science and are fascinated by volcanoes, SONY DSC Earthquakes, geology, anatomy……


and began working on different eco systems, we’ve created our own river eco system…….


as we’ve been catching crayfish in our river. SONY DSC We’ll be doing life cycles on them and studying their habits and preferred habitats until we get ours just right. SONY DSC She has also been helping me work on my natural beauty range, helping to make natural chemical reactions and produce organic make-ups, body and hair care stuffs

Good for her skin and her self-esteem and an interesting fun thing to learn.


We’re growing seeds and cuttings and anything at all. SONY DSC We’ve been foraging….


and exploring ways of being sustainable, finding our own food and we’ve learnt how to filter our own water. SONY DSC It’s been fun showing the kids where I once would go when I was a kid to find free food, it’s weird how the city has kind of grown around them….it’s now like urban forging. I hope they do the same with their when they’re parents (if these precious plants last another 20 years…). They now know where to find fruits, nuts and proteins….FOR FREE!…(awesome when nothing IS free..)But more delisciously…..


bush lemons in season and abundance means lemon meringue pies and homemade lemonade! Oh MY!

SONY DSC Bella now also know all the major bones in the body from the clavicles all the way down to her metatarsals! SONY DSC We’ve moved onto the nervous system and digestive system, this has been super cool as because I’m learning a tonne about muscles, body systems, cells and basically the entire body make up in my own studies we’ve been able to intertwine and she’s been able to learn more advanced anatomy and I’ve been able to use hers to translate all the complicated things I don’t understand!!! SONY DSC SONY DSC English we’re making our own plays and comic strips as we’re not too fond of essays….and I want our writing to remain fun and inspired and not about how well we string together sentences. I want it to flow and be free and creative not hindered and restricted by ‘correctness’….it’s an artistic expression….so it should be free….


ART…holy moly I am impressed, she’s totally blossomed and LOVES going to her art classes with the lovely Rhondella each week, she’s been invited to work shops and to sit in on extra classes!! She’s just excelling We are learning about Aboriginal history and to get Bella interested further we’re incorporating a lot of art. We’re reading about Aboriginal life and their tendency to create art from their Dreamtime stories. So we’re studying Aboriginal symbols and going to translate our favourite aboriginal stories into artworks. We’re also learning about how and what happened when we came over to live/invade this beautiful country. There are some terrible horror stories but I do think it’s essential to know the WHOLE truth, not just the glossy hero stories. She made a bunch of impressive power point presentations and does really cool presentations …this impresses me because I didn’t even know how to do that until a couple of months ago! SONY DSC She’s been cooking baking heaps and getting more confident. SONY DSC   She’s also been working on sewing her own upcycled rag quilt.


We’re now also enrolled in an 8 week meditation course. Who doesn’t need a little extra peace and serenity?   Anyway….I’m going to keep ‘breaking the law’ and being a crap parent. Her learning is not something that concerns me one bit. I know for a fact she was never this inspired or creative in school, nor cared about, she has a curious passion to discover things now and to find out the why, what, when and how of almost everything we do. Our entire life has become a classroom. And there is no need for her to wait until second period next Tuesday to gain access to her teacher to answer those questions or to gain help. We’re ALL teachers, and we’re ALL here for her, we’re ALL learning WITH her. (AND my little ones who have also gained so much from our ‘home’ school.)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We were all super sick for quite a while which was devastating, especially when it hit me, we were throwing up and doing other gross things at the other end….I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed and for me….who thinks she could run a marathon with no legs…..it was tough. Glen was at work, so poor Bella was struggling to help as best she could. I was in bed doubled over in pain, crawling to the bathroom while she struggled to keep the peace. I couldn’t do a thing. I am just glad the nightmare is over. If Glen was home I would have gone to hospital. But I couldn’t. Who would watch the kids?…..Honestly the worst time in my life. SONY DSC Sophie caught it after me the poor girl and thankfully everyone else just got a frustrating head cold. It’s been coldish…so we’re all living in the lounge/my bed room so we’re closer to the fire at night which I kind of like. I can hear my babies talking in their sleep and snoring lightly which with the crackle of a warm fire is really comforting. SONY DSC I LOVE winter, if only it would get colder….darn climate change. SONY DSC We’ve been outside a lot more before it gets too cold, building huts and playing with our now numerous and mischievous pets….(seriously someone needs to lecture me on this…) SONY DSC We’ve been setting our crayfish traps to catch some yummy ‘dinner’ which we fall in love with their cuteness and can’t then…eat them! Bike-riding….building,…..just outside in this nice temperature.


Buddy’s birthday is so soon and I’m so excited! Oh and Glen and my 3 year anniversary too! I’m actually getting him an AWESOME gift. I always think my gift ideas are really cool and I’m always so excited to give him what I have spent ages thinking outside the box to get him only to see his face as he opens whatever it is….and then my wide-eyed joy kind of crumbles. Clearly my idea of amazing is not the same as everyone else’s…..I still can’t believe he doesn’t love that he owns a plot of protected wilderness in Scotland!? Like seriously, having the ability to legally add ‘Lord’ to his name due to his land ownership….what the? so darn cool. So yes, I am being all ‘normal’ and getting him a ‘normal’ present. I can’t tell you because I really want it to be a surprise. Oh I should go. I’m out of coffee…I also need to pee and I’ve written so much already…I wanted to write more but honestly if you can sit through all of what’s already here without skimming…you are wonderful to listen to my carrying on. Until next time….bye.

2 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…..

  1. Hi Cristie. As usual love your blog and honesty-don’t ever give up on your writing you’ve got a certain something that catches interest immediately. Love all your photos too. love and kisses to all the kidlets and you and Glen of course. Love Aunty Lyn xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Aunty Lyn! I appreciate that. I actually had plans to ‘hide’ my blog again..:( I’m far too paranoid sometimes!
      I hope you and uncle John are well, can’t wait to see you guys again 🙂 xox

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