Pen Pals ~WANTED~

Hello all, I used to love writing letters to my girlfriends when I was younger. We’d create cute, little strangely folded letters and pass them to each other between classes, we also had letter books to swap with each other over the weekend. We’d spend time thinking and writing instead of facebooking(or as I like to call it now…facestalking)

It just had a comforting something about it, blue ink and colourful doodles, torn pages and ACTUAL crumbs that FELT like a life being lived…spilling our secrets and asking questions which only needed a yes or no boxed ticked….

So I’d LOVE to invite anyone who may be interested to begin writing actual, good old fashioned letters….in pen/pencil…(not typed and printed) to me!

(It would be that little extra awesome if you happened to have a daughter/s who’d be interested in corresponding with Bella (12) and Sophie (7)…who are totally into the idea of having a pen pal too..)

So should you wish to participate email me 🙂

I hope to hear from you!

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