Child care what is it?

I’m getting more and more worried about the path we’re on. We all know I have an opinion on just about everything and child care is no different.

I watched a report recently where a woman (I don’t know who…) was telling abc reporters that children in child are particularly UNDER THREE YEARS OLD (and all preschoolers) required and deserve university trained child carers to ensure they have access to the highest standards of education/care.

Fair enough. BUT is this really needed? AND what are the implications if this is something the government decides to take seriously?

I totally agree that the first 5years of a child’s life is the most important. Hence why they have each had my almost undivided attention for that entire period of their lives. Bella went to preschool from the age of 3 for 2 days a week simply because this is what I thought I was meant to do, she learned some swear words and some behaviours I wasn’t too fond of. She did have fun too and learn to listen to adults other than myself. Sophie never went to preschool and is now among the top students of her mixed year 2/3 class even though she’s only in year 2. Violet attended 1 day a week for the one term previous to her beginning kinder and is doing super well being in year 1 now. Molly did go one day a week for a period of 12 months but we’ve taken her out now, she can write her name, mum, dad and a bunch of other small words and can recognise them in sentences, she can count to 7 and knows all her colours and communicates clearly, she’s four. Buddy went for around 10 days over the past year purely so I could heave a day to myself but he too has stopped going and is completely up to speed for his little 3 years old.

My point is….(along with bragging about my wonderful children) is that in my particular situation and opinion child care should be just that the caring of a child when it is impossible for the parents to do so.

The first five years should be the years in which children learn to be loved and how to love others, about sharing words, meals and stories. It’s when a child learns tenderness and kindness free of judgment and restrictions.

I worked in child care for a couple of years and at the time didn’t think much of it but now looking back I see how the system stereotypes children and puts them into categories and can set children up for a toughish life.

Activities are set out and children are expected to uniformly compile and complete set tasks any child who refuses or isn’t interested is set aside and misses out to look on at the “good” children do what they’re told. Secretly I always liked the kids who had a bit of “cheeky” they had a personality. A desire to stand up for themselves and their beliefs of being an individual.

Anyway…back to what I originally wanted to point out. If the standard of education is to go as far as having university trained child carers for preschoolers…then when does preschool become compulsory?

I mean the government in their pursuit of highly efficient workers surely would not be happy for children to stay at home with their “uneducated” mothers reading stories and riding bikes and having cuddles. This 5 year period is prime learning time so why waste it at home?

Can you see my point?

And then on the other hand there’d be mums feeling guilted into sending their kids even if they didn’t want to purely because like all mothers we want what’s “best” for our children and we try hard not to disadvantage them in anyway.

When does it get to the point where mums must be university trained to even get pregnant???

Anyway…child care….there’s always a shortage and no ones ever happy with the quality or quantity….

Can I possibly offer a sweet solution?

The government of late seems to be having trouble figuring out what to do with all the elderly in our society since they’re so useless and all (that’s sarcastic of course….another sensitive topic for me…) they don’t want to pay them “for nothing” despite the many years of taxes they’ve paid and the next generation of tax payers they’ve raised…..why on earth would they deserve a comfortable dignified life? ….and yet they can’t find anything constructive for then to do after they hit 70…..

Once upon a time it was the elderly not nessecarily grandparents whom looked after the children, and they didn’t just babysit they told them stories of times that matters and showed them how to tinker and build things, knit things and actually teach them some valuable life skills. Kids would learn the basics of trades that spiked their curiosities and the older people were and possibly still are willing to show and teach them.

We have a massive breakdown in society, young people seem to be getting wilder and stupider and riskier, middle aged are so work orientated and self absorbed while the elderly fade into the back ground, there is no inter connection and we’re led to believe the only way to learn is through books and classrooms and strangers lecturing us, forcing us to memorise information.

I remember when I would go with my dad to work on Fridays and helping him do the employees pays. Glen remembers driving about with his dad helping with his work. Kids used to be able to go with their parents to work and being interested would probably learn far more deeply when involved personally and learning from someone they trusted unfair aid of asking questions.

But now if Glen wanted to follow in his dad’s foot steps he’d require years of training, despite having complete access to the years of accumulated knowledge and hands on experience his dad has.

Get me?

I think it would establish a new and strong connection and would be beneficial for all involved. Many grandparents whether through situation or circumstance may not have access to grand kids. And vice versa many kids don’t have that more patient, experience person/people in their lives. It adds another depth of character for a child to know someone older.

Kids clam down just a little around the elderly and the elderly seem to soak up a little of that energy.

I don’t think we should just pile the elderly and they very young in one room together, shut the door and be off….but a child care centre set up with a big fat roster of -police checked- elderly people with access to the centre for story times, or just to sit and chat, plant gardens, knit, crochet…whatever.

There’s like 100% more child carers right there…..and who knows they’re most likely university trained at SOMETHING if that is so important and essential for our tiny children to have.

Who knows I might be wrong and it’s a terrible idea….but personally I think the threat of having our precious children’s leisurely and lovingly explored childhoods ripped away and replaced with university style educations kind of disgusting.

Childhood especially those first five years is for establishing a basis of character, of loving kindness, to take adventures and explore and experience things and get dirty and make cakes and make music with pots and pans, and fingerprint with food stuffs, draw on walls (despite parents saying no) to establish a confidence that can only come with the unconditional love a parent can give a child and genuine encouragement….

There is a saying “a child only a mother could love” and usually that’s a mean comment someone makes about an ugly baby (hey the ugliest ones turn out to be spectacular) but it is true.

No ones going to have the kind of love or patience you have for your own child. Let YOUR child soak that in….no one, no matter how smart or educated is going to give your child the base of a soul, the foundation of an exceptional character that you will…and it comes from a pure, unquestioned and unconditional love that only you have…

And heck it’s not hard to teach your child how to write their name, count to 10 or memorise the alphabet….which really is all that is expected of a kindy kid.

The government needs to remember that.

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