If you love Yager Babies as much as I love to write it then please spread the word.

Email a link.

‘Like’ Yager Babies on Facebook and ‘share’ it to your wall.

Tell people you love.


This blog has become more to me than an online diary, I have sacrificed sleep ins, early nights, I don’t watch tv anymore!

I create time for it around my home and family.

I take pride in it and work hard on it, and I am so appreciative to say that I have an ‘audience’ who reads it. I would love for my writing and photos to be a part of my life for the long-term.

Do what you love and love what you do.

I now have gifts to give; a small Thank You to everyone who supports me and the whole Yager Babies thing. Each Friday I will randomly select a comment made during the week to receive a gift.

(If you can think of a better way to distribute my thanks let me know!)

So get commenting I like new perspectives, I respect your opinions and love to share your ideas.

And don’t forget, if you like Yager Babies shout it from the roof tops!

or email a link,

or just tell someone to check it out.

MANY, MANY, many Thanks!


One thought on “FYI…

  1. Hi – I’m looking into local folklore and I just love what you have written about the Yowie (Sept 27). More than just link to this site, I would like your permission to put the entire entry on my website for other interested in the Yowie to read. Could you please contact me via the email supplied.

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