Dreadlocks No More.


Why did I create my dreadlocks? Because I think they’re unique and I think unique is beautiful. I’ve always loved them and wanted them. My mum remembers me asking if I could get dreads when I was little.


I’ve always thought there was something magical, spiritual about those who have dreadlocks, I felt like they looked insightful, like they had some great mystery to reveal, knowledge reserved for just them.

I flt so proud and happy the very moment I made up my mind and went ahead with them, not everyone agreed but that made me even more happy because I knew it really was for me. (I’ve never been one for peer pressure.) I was glad I was strong enough to go against the idea of what others thought I should be, and just did it for myself.

I liked that they kept most people at a distance, kind of weeded out who would and wouldn’t talk to me and those who wouldn’t simply because of my hair was an eye opener and one I’m glad to have had.

They made me more me.


But the part no one could ever understand is that I didn’t mean it physically, I meant it within.

Yesterday my dreads were 12 months old.


I finished combing the last one out last night.

It took me 5 days to remove them all.

Strange because I never ever thought I’d get rid of my dreadlocks. I thought they’d just grow old right along with me.

It was actually a tough and painful process. But I now realise that was all part o the plan. I just kind o woke one morning and knew that I was going to get rid ofthem.

Not because I no longer like them, but because I didn’t need them anymore.

This whole year with dreadlocks has been big for me, an experience I’ll totally treasure forever. I needed those dreadlocks as weird as it may sound. They gave me so much and helped me remove so much too.


I decided that no matter how hard it was, that I would comb them out.

(partially because I am vein in regards to my hair and partly because I felt bad or glen…He mets this reasonably attractive girl, marries girl, she gets piercings, tattoos and dreadlocks….and then bald?….He didn’t sign up or that. The funny thing is that I know he wouldn’t have cared though. He hasn’t seen my hair yet, it’s a surprise for Tuesday night when he gets home.)

Though MOSTLY again, I did it for myself.

A release, an end to “something” a change…..

So anyway, some o them took over 2 hours to comb out. And at some points I wondered why I was even bothering.

Day 2.5….should I stop? Should I keep trying?…

Why don’t I just keep them?

Why don’t I just cut them off?

There were some tears, and a heck o a lot of hair….12 months of lost hairs caught up in those dreadlocks. Man…I thought I would be bald by the time I’d done.

Funny how much like life the whole process of one hair do can be.

After those 5 days I kinda now feel at peace. It’s done. I didn’t give up even when I broke down and thought I’d just quit. My very skull was so sensitive to touch and couldn’t even brush it.

But I didn’t stop.

Life….hmm….what a weird thing.

And hair….weird too.

I was rewarded however, for my patience and perserverance. My hair has never been healthier, which you’d think would be the opposite. It’s like each strand has been wrapped in a cocoon of natural oils for a year. It’s soft and shiny.


I’m glad I didn’t quit.

We are ALWAYS rewarded in the end for not giving in to what seems easy. It is ALWAYS the long,hard, painul path that give the best results and we are usually far more thankful for the ones no one ever sees.


So it’s done.

They’re no more.

I feel lighter, inside and out.

I think I’ll miss them.


I feel like I’ll keep the lessons they taught me about the world and about people and most importantly about myself.

 I’ll never regret my 12 months dreadlock thing….


So was that the shock you expected?


Take care.

8 thoughts on “Dreadlocks No More.

  1. Wow Cristie – I didn’t think that you would get rid of them! It’s funny – I felt like crying – weird – I suppose I know how much that they meant to you. Your hair looks great. I think it was a great thing to do and I love how you do things that you want and don’t worry about what people think! I think that alot of us don’t do or say things that we really would like to because we’re afraid of the reaction or thoughts of others – pretty sad really. I love that you are such a strong young woman with such determination and strength. I thing that Glen and the kids are so lucky to have you as their wife/mum and feel blessed that you are part of my life! I love your blogs. Take care, Gwenda

    1. 😀 Hi! I didn’t think I’d ever get rid of them either lol I think I like change, keeps things new and fresh. Thanks so much for your comment you always make me happy with your words 🙂 I’m glad and very lucky to have family like you xoxox Can’t wait for June 😉

      take care xoxox

  2. I was not expecting that! I can not believe that you took them out! I don’t think i could get mine out at this point. Your hair looks so healthy… I’m shocked!
    I’ve thought about it a few times… cutting it all off. But I really want them to get a little longer so I can twist them up. Maybe once I have that out of my system I’ll be ready to be done. I never thought I’d have them forever. Just like you, I always wanted to do it. I look forward to the liberating experience of cutting them off… freeing, weightless, lightness. I think I’ll know when the right time comes. I’m so glad that I got to be apart of your dread journey. I love following your blog!

    1. Thanks Jess 😀 I thought about cutting them off but it didn’t feel right for me. I can’t even pin point why I felt my dreaded journey was over. After all the weight of the dreadlocks, I do feel so much lighter, I guess I’ll get used to normalhair again but I do feel weird and kind of naked without them.
      I may have more again some day but I guess if and when I feel the need I’ll be way more comfortable to just go ahead with it.
      I seriously thought my hair would be so damaged afterwards that I’d have to cut it all off anyway lol Got lucky 😀
      You’ll have to stick some pics up on pinterest some time 😀 There’s a short supply of dread pins 😉
      Take care Jessica 😀

  3. I have had dreads for a little over a year (it was a year in Jan.) and just the other day I started to comb them out. I’ve combed out 11 of the 40 that I started with but have stopped. I don’t know what to do. I was feeling trapped in them with this intense urge to run my fingers through my hair again, to regain the soft, swirling waves once more. My two daughters keep asking me to take them out and my husband is fine either way with them (he put them in). I just can NOT decide if I should continue or redread the 11. I feel like I’ll just be a boring, flat, drab mom again if I comb them out with nothing unique or fun going on. Maybe it’s dumb, but my outsides can really drag my insides down. I told my daughters today it’s like wearing a brown sack for a dress or a fun rainbow one – the rainbow one just makes you feel happier and more alive. I feel like dreads are my rainbow dress. But my scalp is a mess and I cannot get it to calm down and that’s not going to all of a sudden go away if I redread. What’s your take on having them out now?

    1. Hi Jen, I totally know what you’re talking about. I got to a point where I stopped combing too and wondered what I was doing. I wondered if I should just redread the ones I’d removed. But decided to keep going and at least revisit my un-dreaded hair afterall I can put them all back again 🙂
      For me it was such a process and so hard to comb them all out but not only physically. Emotionally I felt the way you did….would I be as interesting without them? Will I be ‘special’ or different? I kind of decided that like my reasons for putting the dreads in…that if people only thought of me as special, different or interesting because of my hair then …I don’t know….pointless reasons.
      I decided within myself that I was going to be who I am with or without the hair. (but who knows I liked the dreads and might do them again someday.)
      Like you I just wanted to run my fingers through my hair, give it a really good wash….I’d seriously reccomend combing them all out no matter how hard it is, just to have that one good wash and to feel light and fresh for just a little bit.
      You certainly don’t come across as dull or whatever you think combing your dreads out may portray but I understand how hard it is too let go. I just knew that once I felt that impulse to comb out that I just HAD to, so much easier to keep them.Good luck with which ever you choose 😀 And I hope you let me know how you go. xoxo take care.

      1. Thanks for the encouragement! I just combed the last one out tonight. It took me two weeks. It sucked! Now my hair feels so flat, thin and damaged. I really liked the “volume” that comes with dreads. I’m scheduled for a cut in a week and we’ll see how much can be salvaged. Something that I’ve realized is that now I actually have to think about doing my hair and I do not like that. It actually makes me anxious when I have to go somewhere, like, “what the heck am I going to do with my hair?!!” I don’t like worrying about something like that – it seems so pointless – and I’m really uncomfortable and kind of regretting taking them out in that respect. However, after seeing all the fuzz and gunk that comes out when you comb them, I kept thinking how gross they were and I’ll be glad to have clean, healthy hair again. We’ll see. There are pros and cons to each, I suppose. By the way, in a few of your newer pictures it almost looks like you have dreads again. Did you redread?

      2. lol I totally get you! I felt the same, my hair was so flat, and I kept thinking my head had shrunk lol I loved the volume too. I’m pretty lazy with my natural un dreaded hair too though. I’ve always just had long hair and thinned it out at the bottoms. I get it cut that way so it looks ‘beachy’ basically like it is messy on purpose. I’m not sure if it comes across that way but thats what I tell myself 😀 I’m glad you did it. Even if you do put the dreads back. Theres nothing worse than stopping something halfway through. You always end up thinking ‘what if’ at least now you know what you do and don’t like. I’ve considered putting mine back in, but I think I’ll wait at least 12 months and see what feels right.
        p.s those pictures are probably from in Jan/early Feb, I haven’t been able to upload photos of late so I’m trying to catch up 😀
        Great to hear from you again Jen, let me know if you redread 😀 xox take care

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