Who am I?

Well I know my name which is Cristie, I did not leave out an ‘h’ or forget the correct spelling of my own name it is simply C.R.I.S.T.I.E.

I also accept Yager.

My mother originally spelt it ‘kristy’ but when people started calling me ‘kirsty’ as a baby, she changed the spelling. Personally I don’t see how ‘kristy’ and ‘kirsty’ could be confused. The spelling is worlds apart, but then again my mother has always told me, and spelt her own middle name as Theresa. Which is why I was confused when I received my birth certificate and found that her name is actually spelt ‘terisa’

Does this potentially mean she is NOT my mother? Eh, who cares she’s quite an interesting one!

I do under special circumstances accept any variation of spelling that is at least pronounced the same.

I was born in 1984. In Coffs Harbour NSW, the hospital I was born in is the same place I gave birth to my first-born, it was then torn down just 3 years later.

I am a married, mother of 5, 4 daughters and one baby son. They give me hell but they also give me the reason for my life. I love each and every one for totally different reasons.

 I also like each one which is sometimes more important than love.

I am highly ambitious, I am interested in just about everything. I like to try a lot of different things and have. I consider myself well-rounded and know just a little about just about everything. I am good at things I didn’t know I was, and bad at things I wish I was awesome at.

I hope to be good at lot of things but I hope most of all to be best at being a mother and a good person.

I am a spiritual person, not to be confused with religious, which I far from. I think there is a good and bad within everyone.

My main goal is to be open, honest and be the best human I can be.

I don’t really know ‘who’ I am but I am quite confident of ‘what’ I am.

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. Hello and thank you! 😀 Best way to write something good, is to write what your thinking and be honest. People like to know they aren’t the only odd ones out there 😀 Good luck with your blog! It is a lot of fun!

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