People’s Choice Awards.

This is my new button. Like it?! I do.

I am now one of almost twelve thousand Australian blogs nominated for the title of Australian best blog for 2013 and while I would totally love to have that title, I do know that my chances are slim as there is so much talent and so many interesting blogs out there.

But this button is for the people’s choice award, a whole different kettle of fishies. And it means that the people who litterally read these blogs on a daily basis can vote and have their say.

So, I am asking you ——–> (that is meant to be pointing at you. Not that random sitting over there to the right of you being weird.)

  1. Do you read my blog?
  2. Do you like my blog?
  3. Do you have a spare 5 seconds right about now?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above PLEASE take the time to vote for my blog by simply clicking on the button to the right OR by clicking the picture here on this page and following the simple steps to casting your vote.

You’ll need to click on the VOTE NOW picture and then….sadly, scroll to the bottom of the survey page and click ‘next’ until you get to the ‘Y’ section.( you’d think I would have learnt from my school days of ALWAYS being last on the roll call. Damn alphabetical order.) Tick the Yager Babies box and click next again. Fill in your details and TA DA!

The prize awarded to the winner is $1000 worth in writing courses. (Which if you’re a regular reader, you’d know that I NEED those important lessons. OR if you DON’T like my blog, vote anway. Swamp me down in learning so I won’t have time to blog. Good plan right?! Right. xoxo)


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