Is it lucky?

Sitting here watching my baby laying on the floor tapping her little glittery shoe on the floor boards whilst sucking down her very first strawberry milk, I’m thinking that I am pretty lucky.

Its random times like these that make me think about how my life was and how it is, the things that got me here and the things that make me appreciate what I have.

Sitting in the passenger seat while my ‘almost’ husband drives and our four girls are happily checking out the passing scenery, I always somehow end up with a lazy smile and a completely contented feeling growing from the inside. I don’t know why this is one of those occasions of pure happiness, but it is. And really its only a small moment in time when we all suddenly fall into our own heads. Theres just this small window in time where each one of us goes quiet and turns internal. Then as quickly as I had that feeling it goes. It doesn’t leave me but gets drowned and dulled out by the laughter of a new game or a funny face pulled or someone saying something cute or possibly, most likely with a new argument.

But it lasts long enough for me to realise it is happiness.

Utter happiness.

Yes I am lucky.


(And my baby just vomited her delicious strawberry milk. I can’t blame her, I never liked strawberries either.)

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