day 7

So I actually writing this post on the morning of day 8 (Monday) I didn’t get a chance last night because Glen was playing his Xbox against his brother who actually lives in England. Isn’t technology awesome. I love that Glen can ‘catch up’ with his brother for a casual car race of a weekend night -morning for his brother-

Now if only I could find something better to do than sit on the phone and gossip with my sister!

Yesterday was another good day. We all got up around the same time. Well Glen and I did, the girls were watching telly. after a bacon and egg breaky requested by the girls, well Sophie wanted porridge, I cleaned up and decided to take Violet out for some one on one time. Sophie wasn’t impressed but she understood in the end. Violet thought it was great and acted all grown up for her little trip to the cheap shop (cheap shop = any of those shops like crazy Clarks, $2 shop and so on, basically any shop that sells pointless thing you don’t really need and are of poor quality.) She dragged the wheelie basket around with the proudest look on her little face. She picked out some puzzles to bring home for us all to do after lunch. We also picked up some air drying clay.

We came home and had our lunch together.

Molly and Violet then had their ‘nap’ Molly sleeps but Violet just needs some quiet time she’s always so much better behaved after an hour and a half lying around looking at books and toys in her room. ( I don’t know how she does it. You can see she’s exhausted but fights it hard. Even bedtime; it’s always a case of ‘What?! are you serious I have to go to sleep AGAIN?!’ and again a huge squealing fight, no matter how many books, poems, this little piggy, or round and round the gardens!)

So while the little girls had their rest Glen, Bella, Sophie and myself made little clay bowls and shapes. The biggest hit was Glen ‘cave man’ bowl which wasn’t even round and covered with thumb print dents. He declared it finished and showed it to Bella. Bella began laughing hysterically. I looked. It had ‘Bella smells’ etched into the bottom.

He smoothed it over and destroyed it. Then made me a pretty little bowl with ‘grip’ in the bottom, to ‘hold’ in my jewellery.

We had fun making things, we’ll probably do it again today. And then we moved onto puzzles we had a puzzle race it was great. I think I had the most fun. We taunted each other with ‘oh you dropped a piece, your loosing time now.’ Or ‘I might swipe some of your pieces.’ Sophie and I won. Followed by Bella. Poor Glen. Though he ended up with Molly on his lap ‘helping’ so really it was pretty close all things considered.

We fit in some colouring and swimming, some sandpit play and some races.

We had leftovers for dinner and nursery rhymes for dessert. We all headed to bed and slept well as far as I can tell as Sophie and I are till the only ones up at 7.20am.

Day 7 and I’m not sure I want to be ‘re-connected’ with the world. I’m liking my own little one far better.

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